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1 Haab Evolution

1 Haab Evolution


13:20 Time Art Under Stand!


A cycle of 52 years called Haab,

to find evolution in years, in seasons, 13 tones,

in 4 directions and colors !

the 26 july Kin is O point in the tzolkin count in the Haab !!!

This was choosen and compromized to Be O point in a solar year,

From mid 2009 (9=Solar Mobilization CAN KAN, self existing Cosmic Seed,
defining yellow fertility

defining the Yellow Cosmic Seed, the fertility of the Multi Dimensional Worlds, that we all are.
Defing the self existing!!!! Look what all came, to learn us the NOW!!!! the Lightflower of Initiation

Than from mid 2010 (Planetary Manifestation) HO MULUC overtone Moon,
flowering changing Mood. red: action

We empower the action of Change the 5th tone or 5 Dimension,
the dimension of Light, clearness in solutions for the good of All

This is the big change in the second part of 2010, the Planetary Manifestation!

From mid 2011 (spectral integration) UAC IX, rhythmic Wizard,

flowing wisdom from the Shaman till 25 July 2012!!!

26 July 2012 (Crystal understanding)Uc Cauac, Resonant Storm, till 25 july 2013

26 July 2013 (Cosmic Living) Vaxac Kan, Galactic harmonizing Seed till 25 July 2014

The Year Kin is the year you choose to come Here, part of All evolution!!


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