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6 Birth Year 2009-2010 Can Kan

6 Birth Year 2009-2010 Can Kan


Birth year CAN KAN

26/07/2009 - 25/07/2010


All the Children born in this solar cycle choose to Be Here to:

Defining the Cosmic Seed, is the base of the initiation flower,
where instinctive births take place and where seeds are spread before.
With full consciousness of Self-existing, measuring where we Are
and what we Are and how to bring this out,
this information of physical Light!
Your live is fertile ground, plant your seeds and take steps what you really want.
Send your full consciousness and re-spons-ability out of your own,
definition and function Here on the planet!!!


Day out of Time

25july 2009 OX AKBAL


The Electric Activation of the Night,
this Kin,
every time you go out of Time in the coming solar cycle,
this NRG will play….enjoy

www.inlakech the Mayansurfer! the education!

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Can Kan Highlights SV & 13:20

Full Moon 1 March Hun Ik Magnetic Wind
Full Moon 29 March Ho Chuen Overtone Monkey
New 13:20 Tzol'kin 9 April Hun Imix Magnetic Dragon
Full Moon 28 April Uc Ahau Resonant Sun
Full Moon 28 May Hunlahun Oc Spectral Dog
Parcial Lunar Eclipse 26 June Hun Cauac Magnetic Storm
Total Solar Eclipse 12 July Can Men Selfexisting Eagle
Day out of Time 25 July Can Lamat Selfexisting Star

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