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8 Birth Year 2007-2008 Ca Ix

8 Birth Year 2007-2008 Ca Ix


White Lunar Wizard Year starts

26 july 2007 - 25 july 2008



M agicien blanche Lunair

This Haab year goes from 26/7/2007 till 25/7/2008

All the Children born in between this time came to recieve magnetic the Wisdom of the Shaman!
And will come out on the day of their function!


In the LightFlower of Ben the Conquerer!

Hun Ben the magnetic Skywalker, action of the Light,
wil energize us out of Time,
for us to celebrate, every time we go out of time in this year!

Stabilizing the wisdom of the Shaman,
is the inner grow to human awareness
of the root back to base without duality�s,
only how to complete the evolution,
this SourceNRG carry all wisdom of all combinations possible,
the pure just-is! (Just-ice)
Stabilising emotions making a difference in the point of
view of the evolution, there is no good or bad,
only how you want to see it,
make your thoughts crystal clear that shall have global response.

combination 54/260 from the mayansurfer



Now availleable Here!!!

Lunar Wizard Year 13moon diary from Dutch Nicole Zonderhuis

Lunar Wizard Year Cropcircle 13 moon calendar from Solar Star Graham UK

Many different "Mayan Solar Seal Patches" designed by Japanes Jane

13:20 Oracle DIGID made by baba D..

Daykeeper endless 13:20 calender made by baba D..


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