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9 Birth Year 2006 -2007 Hun Muluc

9 Birth Year 2006 -2007 Hun Muluc


  The Haab year Magnetic Moon, Hun Muluc!!


This Haab year goes from 26/7/2006 till 25/7/2007

All the Children born in between this time came to recieve magnetic the action of Changing Mood or Moon!
And will come out on the day of their function!

Receiving of the changing moon, is the magnetic Mercury communication of the source pure NRG to the Universalising of the community touching on the mental and reason consciousness, initiating the process and the adjusting formula that the emotional areas purificates, the flow of the re-evolution, open and ready for each change, create possibilities and intentions, so you back in the Universal water home. Re-member, you are connected and where always connected, blow this fog clear!!!


Thank U Angela and Solar Star for the beautiful pictures!
More in the Gallery of this creative mayas!!


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