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7 Birth Year 2008 - 2009 Ox Cauac

7 Birth Year 2008 - 2009 Ox Cauac


Birth year OX CAUAC

26/07/2008 - 25/07/2009

Ox Cauac

All the Children born in this solar cycle choose to Be Here to:

Activating the thunder, is the electric activation of the natural wave of reactions,
 navigating the Universal movement spiritual, transforming the NRG in the change,
 puts the purification in working, receiving the natural instincts to protect
 with a alert intuition and a technical attitude,
 the full re-all-is-action in expression that activate it self and others
with the feeling of the realization of the life-possibilities, endlessness!!!


Day out of Time

25july 2008
Ca Etznab

The Lunar stable Mirror, this Kin,
 every time you go out of Time in the coming solar cycle,
this NRG will play….enjoy

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