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4 Birth Year 2011-2012 Uac Ix

4 Birth Year 2011-2012 Uac Ix


Birthyear 2011-2012

26 July 2011 till 25 July 2012

Uac Ix

Rhythmic Wizard


All Children born in this time period, want to do this:

Flowing the wisdom of the Shaman, is the rhythm of clearness, crystal transparencies is the balance in the equality of time and space, from the roots we refine the timelessness non-judgemental pulsing the precise solution in the flow. Enchant your sensitive outputs, in a Global context, striking the emotions clear, wave after wave, purification for all nation with guidance of out the asteroid Belt, female magnetic teach-and healing NRG needed in this mental man world, a clear view in the weakness of both, is balancing the rest!!!

Day out of Time

25 July 2011

Ho Ben

Empowering of the pillars of Light, the path where skywalker strikes down full NRG and Light, where flowing movements measuring the vision of creation. Helping to integrate alone, exploring the space with wisdom, in the 90· dimensional turn in to the new picture, where everything resonates, is always a step forwards. It will open you to the real beauty and power. This overtone brings clearness what also being empowered. Universal love is the overflow of the Light, shine light; you are the pillar of Light!!!


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