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2 Birth Year 2013-2014 Vaxac Kan

2 Birth Year 2013-2014 Vaxac Kan


Birthyear 2013-2014
from 26 July 2013 till 25 July 2014

The Galactic Seed Year,
every Child born in this period want to harmonize Galactic,
the fertility of the multidimensional Worlds!!
This is as Light before they come in the 13:20 Time!!
Harmonizing the Cosmic Seed, is the golden wisdom of the Sun, the Galactic dimension of structures,
pointed on the Earth, is the Re-structuring of new ideas that brings the process of the physical instinctual manifestation in to action,
for what is good for each, this is the love that makes everything visible and opens the doors for the real traveling between all the Worlds.
The creative NRG merges all collective intentions, empower this with your Universal insides.
Share this active NRG in your Galactic Being, discover the beautiful awareness-flower that you are!!!



Day out of Time 25 July 2013
Uc Akbal, resonant Night,
everytime you go OUT of Time the coming year you will flow this KIN!!!

Merging the power of Darkness,
is the channel of your dreams and intuition from the NRG of the Source to follow.
Navigating true the gates between the Worlds, the center of the creative pulses.
Connect yourself with your heart and find the logical transformation for your own Being.
This comes from the world of your dreams where the true vibrations are born.
Canalizing information in the reality, follow what you received so far, so you will Be more aware of your dreams.
Than you can organize what you want.
Ask and you shall receive, channel and you dreams coming all out.
You are the dream!!!


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