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12 Mayan Calendar

12 Mayan Calendar



The Mayan Calendar.
The most ancient and advanced Light tool for connection,
to understand Crystal clear, the flow
Cosmic Living and the Galactic Harmony!
With the thanks to All the Masters of Re-membering,
the Mayas and Jose Arguelles that made the dreamspell,
that SV following, a module for Now and Here,
beyond calenders
One Syncro device for planet Earth!!!
That is what Sitaram Vision is about!
Re-Al Worlds opening again,
so Awareness can enter,
The pure truth, will clear the Just-is! (Justic)

A more open World,
Consciousness rising your Multi-dimensional Being
and Re-presentation of All the Worlds.

Maya in In-dia is the Illusion,
Mayan is Maya-N,
the Illusion-Naturaly.
Where we are All living in the illusion,
the magic, the play.
The play is not a game it is where you live Cosmic,
IF you understand Crystal clear,
Universal life and love!

The combination of the 20 Sunhouses
and the 13 Moon NRGs,
makes a wheel of 260 Kins or faces or days,
this 260 combinations I explain in a very compact way;
the Direct-Natural-Ambition or DNA,
where we are All a part, totality, we All are totality.
In this totality you can find and calculate,
your Being on this planet,
the place you chose in the Temple of Light,
falls in a 52 year cycle.(HAAB)
Easy to find with your year,
that is where your birthname was created as your Light-NRG
and you wanted to go in,
with your month and birth day,
This is the combination,
when you arrived on the planet,
to live what you came here to help and do,
you Supreme Being, wake Up !!!
This Sacred Calendar has 20 Lightflowers,
each Sunhouse One,
with a flower of the Moon as 13 NRGs,
in combination with the Sunhouses.
The Lightflower book with the 260 combinations of the Mayan Calendar, already on-line


Mayanprojects 13:20


SVE Part 1:

Haab evolution; what we choose to do here as Light   2009

Magnetic Moon Birth-Year: from 25.7.2006 till 26.7.2007

Mayansurfer: Book of Totality, 260 Kins

Next Haab coming: we follow the Solar years, we're all born in!!

Tzolkin 13:20: colourful tzol'kin!

What is 13:20: explanations for the 13:20 Timing!!!

Mayan Converter: Calculation tables, Haab-Tzolkin-Vajeb.

Lightflowers: 20 lightflowers, explanation!!

Daykeeper-script : What are Daykeepers? Endeless pocketcalendar now available!!!

DIGID: Flower of Intentions, Mayan Oracle, cardgame 13:20, the only worktool direct, the Moment, Now OUT!!!

SVE Maya 13:20 Part 2


9 x 9 Synchronizer: 6 Lightflowers flowing Hunab'Ku

DNA Moon Flower: Flower Power, the 4 steps of the flowing NRG

Lightflower visions: sharing visions

Sun Families: double helix of relating our chakras with the 20 Sun Houses

Tempel of Light: you pass, before having your Galactic Car

Mayan Merkaba Flow: explanation of the maya-sunhouses in our Earth's and Heaven's radiant fields!!

Mayan Merkaba: 17 chakra system with the 20 sunhouses!!

Musical-Flower: the NRG of our Sunhouse in the Mayan Calendar, Shiva-Shakti-HigherSelf-Void NRG.

Twinplan: the Galactic map of intelligence, Sirius Constellations - The twin-planets in the Moonflower!!

In lak'ech: i am another Yourself!!!

7 hidden Nrg's : the Base of the Directions!



13:20 events: full moons, equinox, solstices, day out of Time, New cycles etc!

Pass-Port: Pass(the)Port of the Lords Of Time!











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