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13 Mayansurfer

13 Mayansurfer


The MayanSurfer,
the perfect module for Now and Here!

calculate, following,

Based on the Tzolkin or 13:20 Time!
The Tzolkin is a 4Dimensional module,
used already in early civilazations in Mexico,

Toltecs, Aztecs, Zapotecs and Maya cultures!
Mayansurfer explains the 260 combinations of Totality,
All separate, for every day, Kin or tone!

Written for NOW this time!!
Energies explaining multi dimensional perspectieves we are!

260 Faces, Kines or Days
A module where we choose to come in, before coming in your body!
Same module (Tzolkin) where you choose your function on this planet!
The Day YOU choose to come out of your mama. (natural Birth)
The Mayansurfer is 5 basic lines each Kin, 260 Kins,
but also on the right side,
you find the Lightflower (Wavespell) your in!
A perfect flow of expanding perspectives, in yourself and others!
We initiating Ourselves in Multi Dimensional Being!
Your imaginagion will contact your telepathy and gives you a clear under-standing of your Clearvoyance,
All the NRG and Alchemy we are!
What to do wth it?!!!
The Mayansurfer is on line!!!
This Energy book of Totality serves already
since 1998 as service of Sitaram Vision
Universal Educational platform 13:20!!!
Not 1 human as read the total story of the Tzolkin, 260 kins!
Example, opening the mayansurfer, it will open the Kin today,
with 5 lines explanation of the combination!
This 5 lines are written deep and direct, mindblowing!
Their are no useless words in this intense energy description!
So reading all 260 combinations is almost impossible!
But with the release of the book 'MAYANSURFER'
it will become more clear for all, 20 Lightflowers 20 x 13 days is a wheel,
in the big solar wheel of 365 days, that makes a new wheel!!! 13x28
13:28 Time is 13 moons of 28 days...back natural Time!
So the Mayansurfer is 13:20 time turning in the 13:28,
but always cycles of 9 months or 260 days!
Natural Birth Time you choose to come!!!
Universal High School, wake up!
The decicion was taken and understood to bring the natural time back ON!
1 module, the Tzolkin,
26 july wasreconized as New Birth cycle, guided by the gateway family,
This Solar cycle called Haab is 52 years, very IMPORTANT!!!
not using this anymore in the new charts, now they use numbers??!!
One of the most importent things about the Haab
is that you can see back what you wanted to do on the planet,
and you choose your year to come, to Be right Now here,on the closing of the cycle (26000years)!!!
So the Birth-year-kin is clearness to know!
More crystal under-standing, a step in each individual evolution!
Surfing the maya, = ilussion, mayan is ilussion Natural
is what we are, enjoying, sharing, having fun doing your update evolution,
with All,family, friends,work,everywhere!
We preparing something simple for the good of All!
Dance to tune your tone!!
Temple of One,Santa Mandala Bali
4kan, Hun Ahau




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