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9 Desssert

9 Desssert


You eaten enough food for your brain??
Time for dessert!!

DESSERT = final activation!
DESERT = grain that is everything, to activate!!
DESERTED = 80 % of Soul energy that will Be!!!

Growing the desert is in our possibilities,
the well spoken Power of Attraction works!
Collect some desert sand, each grain is One,
is everything! So 1 desert grain is actually enough,
but a handful is a collective!
Put it in your Temple place, meditate,
On what ever you like it to Be!
How you want it to Be!?!
Not forgetting something is the hard part!

What's going to happen??
The cycle shift will accelerate the frequencies,
We move up 5D and more.
All that doesn't resonate 5D falls off or the deserted!!
because They stayed in duality, they didn't under-stand the 4th dimension,
Themselves. Totality they are!
So this high energy of Soul Light will grow in your imaginable desert grain,
Deserts will grow, the magic garden, new paradise!
This Soul light will also grow on the New Lands that will rise out of the oceans!
Our powers are nature; Our Lights are creation, Our thoughts are faster than Light!
Concentrate on the beautiful things of nature, make it survive,
We are One with All these things, its inter change, with all that is!!!
Stay open, don€™t forget No-Thing!

** Dicologica (sitaram vision)

DESSERT =  ** Direct-Energy-infinity Snake-Energy-Rotation-Top
DESERT =  ** Direct-Energy-Snake-Energy-Rotation-Top 
DESERTED =  ** Direct-Energy-Snake-Energy-Rotation-Top-Energy-Direct

In la'kech
Bali Ubud Santa Mandala
Spectral mirror, 2/11/2008


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