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5 Dicologica goes E

5 Dicologica goes E


Dicologica go E

its a chanting meditation

E for NRG or Energy,
the flow in your body!
E = Energy
EE = Infinity Energy
EEO = Infinity Energy Overall
That’s where we start, EEO the source of your connection!
First chakra, EEO
Than we move up, second chakra,  EFO, Energy-Fiction-Overall,
More up we all go now, Third chakra, EGO, Energy-Spiral-Overall
To rise in the Heart chakra, EHO, Energy-High-Overall
To communicate through the Throat chakra, EIO, Energy-Intelligent-Overall
So we arrive in the Mouth chakra EJO, Energy-Joker-Overall
To resonate the Third Eye chakra, EKO, Energy-Kundalini-Overall
On the frequency of the Crown chakra ELO, Energy-Latitude-Overall
To Be in the Soul Star chakra, EMO, Energy-Model-Overall
To share Star Consciousness, ENO, Energy-Natural-Overall
To shine the Central Sun, EOO, Energy-infinity Overall
Now your body-NRG resonates All chakra’s!
It is a nice floating meditation connecting yourself!
Available as well on CD & mp3.



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