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10 Mayan Merkaba Flow

10 Mayan Merkaba Flow

Mayan Merkaba flowing 17 Chakra meditation!!!
Flowing meditation in the 17 chakra system!
With the Mayan 20 sun houses!
From the double helix of our 7 chakra system,
we're flowing into the spiral Earth heavenly wisdom!
Where Earth and the Heavenly Realms are dancing in Unity!
The clear view, your 5th Dimension!


1A Earthstar
First we arrive at the Earthstar where the action of the Seadragon IMIX and the vision of the eagle MEN are re-acting!
The purpose for why we are Here and how to manifest this, with a different view, with eagle eyes...the New View!
The higher scientific feeling, sounds of Being, justifying the vision! 

Unity with minerals,plants and animals!
Connected with Jupiter the birth NRG, the Global Vision of Creation!

1B Soulstar
The self knowledge picturing inspiration, pure love force! Reflecting the self image in the Soulstar, the mirror ETZNAB and the Celestial Snake CHICCHAN transforming this level of life NRG survival full Mercury transformation!
Appointing the lessons of life, shining through your reflection!!

2A Dolphin Matrix
Spiraling in the second level, the dolphin matrix, where the Changing Moon(Mood) MULUC and the monkey CHUEN
playing, realizing the illusion, experiencing devotion, rainbows, beauty and unconditional love clear!

2B Stargate
This opens the Stargate where CAUAC, the Art of re-acting and LAMAT the Venus Star with elegancy this pure Light of Being is shining! Clearing of this matrix gives us the Mighty Strength, Divinity!

3A Inner Galactic Cities
Arriving to the third level or 3D!!! Our Inner Galactic Cities guided with the Night AKBAL and EB the Human Heart,intuition plays the new Myth beautifully, the beat ripens the heart in the Galactic cities planet Earth!
Understanding the darkness and dreams is the victory and triumph of humanity and their Unity will rise with their consolations!

3B Inter Galactic Cities
Cosmic Living communication, with the changing wisdom of IK the Wind and CIB with his Warrior directions of Truth, this constellation is the polarity of the Inner Lightcities. The Star constellations beaming their exclusive NRG's. Direct connection with the Wind and Truth!!!

4A Whale Matrix
The 4th Dimension is guarded by the whales, this matrix is the re-membering, guided by the wisdom of CIMI the Worldbridger and the action of CABAN, the navigator of Earth, knowledge of Cycles and tides, the physical change, an invitation, the Akashic records, bridge between evolution and the Worlds. Moon NRG!!!

4B Star Consciousness
So we reach Star consciousness protected by OC the loyal Dog and KAN the Cosmic Seed or the fertility of the multi Dimensional worlds!! Perfection, understanding, is the strong cosmic Might! The Unity of All belief systems, the liquid of the ambition of Saturn! Simplicity with a open heart!

5A Gaia Earth
Now we're spiraling in the 5th Dimensional level, MANIK the Healing Hand and IX the Shaman are at the side of Gaia Earth (Pacha Mama), the crystal Core of Earth and all Earths NRG's, knowing, reason, psychic healing NRG and shaman wisdom flows everywhere!The embryo of Beings, devas and fairies all become visible. Doing it!!!

5B Central Sun Alcyone
Cruising up to the Central sun with BEN skywalker and AHAU the fertility of the Solar Lord. Universal Fire and Life, the fertile action, active sustaining NRG, completion of Evolution, Crystal Light!

So far the 5 Earth & Heaven levels with their Sun guides!

In lakech


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