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5 Mayan Sun families

5 Mayan Sun families

The 5 Sun-families




crownfamily: Ahau - Oc - Men - Chicchan

throatfamily: Chuen - Imix - Cib - Cimi

heartfamily: Eb - Ik - Caban - Manik -

solar plexus: Ben - Akbal - Etznab - Lamat
root family: Ix - Kan - Cauac - Muluc

This families are woven with 12 strings DNA,

as One, all equal, all Uniek, all functioning,

in 4 directions of colours, up and down, in and out!

5 families, 5 cultures, 5 races, 5 levels in 12 stings DNA

The 20 Mayan Sunhouses flowing in the Human Chakra system, in orde to make a Double Helix!!!

Starting with the Intiation house of Imix the Seadragon,
the purpose of Being that lays in the throuth chakra or communication,
Going down in the Heartchakra represented by Ik,
the Spirit of Wind or changing Wisdom blowing in the Solar Plexus Night,
Akbal where we recieve pure intuition and ower dreams reonating!
Continiue to the Root chakra where Kan the Cosmic seed expressing the multi dimensional Worlds!!
Rising to the crown chakra with Chicchan the Celestial snake, action of Live NRG,
down in Cimi the Worldbridger or communication from the throuth chakra!
Falling in the Heart chakra where Manik the Healing Hand is the Innovator,
Back in the Solar plexus where Lamat, the Venus Star shows her fertility,
To the root chakra where Muluc, the changing Moon or Mood plays the action of change,
Rising to the Crown chakra with Oc; the Loyal dog wisdom of unconditional Love,
falling in the throuth chakra in the illussion of Chuen, the Monkey game, the magic,
arriving in the Human Heart, Eb the fertility of Human lays in the Heart chakra,
flowing in the Solar plexus where Ben, the Light action houses Skywalker,
to connect with the root again Ix, the wisdom of the Shaman, to rise
to the Crown chakra where Men shares the vision and opening the perspectieves,
with high communication in the Throuth chakra we find Cib, the Cosmic warrior of Light and Truth,
back in the Heart chakra with Caban the navigator of earth, rhythem of action,
reflects in the Solar Plexus Etznab the mirror of higher Self image,
back at the Root chakra Cauac, where the re-actional Thunder Being Art resonate,
to rise till the Crown where Ahau the Sunlord fertility shines,
the closing of the double helix!!!

you can find this design in the Mayan Merkaba I designed 4.2x2.8meters, full fluo natural color batik!!






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