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Circle of Light Meditation

Circle of Light Meditation


All Welcome @,
Circle of Light every friday 5pm where ever you are on the planet!!!
The idee was created in Bali 1996,
from their on every friday 5pm worldwide a circle of Light,
with in the center a crystal mandala,
2hrs meditation every where,
Japan, Australia, Bali, New Zealand, America, Chile, Brasil,
S-Africa, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Goa, etc...
hopefully everywhere soon!!


2 hour meditation everywhere local time 16hr,
makes a full 24hrs Light time, the World need!!!
Consciousess expands in your own Lightvessel and Global Evolution!
By just Being Here you support Harmony in yourself,
reflecting this naturaly out!


Everyone welcome
Be on Time, (because meditation closed doors-gsm-telephone and doorbel)
Circle get formed around Crystal Mandala,
close the circle by letting the NRG flow hand to hand,
(left handpalm UP= RECIEVE and right handpalm DOWN=GIVE)
with this flow of Uniting the NRG,
we start a Aum (5min)...after this tuning
we are ready to channel the Light!!! (10min)
Than after this quit channeling,
we lay down on our back and relax....close your eyes and relax...
crystals will Be put on you and it takes about 15min
for a crystal to pass true your system and
can to start resonate,
very light music will be played, mostly live...
tibetian balls, bells, crystal balls(if availleable),flute,dig etc...
very soft music more than a hour!!
Let it flow in All your connections, re-charge...your time,
so than you can empower Light in places where is needed,
solutions with pure Light, etc


Than we come back slowly to our body!!!


Thank U Lightworkers!!!






You want to join,

or make your Circle of Light in Your city
please do,
let us know, beautifull to connect!!!


The more Light shines on the planet how simple everything gets!
Is forward as Light can Be!!


in lak'ech




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