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Earth again Syncro

Earth again Syncro


The 20 Light-flowers from 2013 till 2014 !!!

this is the short version not the complete One, from the 260 combination book!!

This Sacred Calendar turns infinity, change the dates every cycle. Enjoy!!!

31/10 The INITIATION, receive magnetic the Dragon’s individual frequency of Being, is the action of initiation, GAP

1/11 Stabilizing the changing wisdom that the Wind blows, the challenge of your communications, is a rhythm, in and out,

2/11 Activating the instinctual ideas and insights, to prepare your path, from the Noosphere to the Biosphere and retro verso,

3/11 Defining the bases of the consciousness of Self-existing of the Multi-dimensional Seed, fertile clearing day.

4/11 Empowering the Celestial Snake, a fire of healing NRG preparing our nervous system for higher states of consciousness.

5/11 Flow the bridge between the Worlds, the solutions for worldwide communication, the Re-Evolution. 

6/11  Merging the healing Hand to complete, not to compete! That’s the magnetic mental, try to Be liquid with everything.

7/11 To find the Harmony Galactic of the Venus Star, love makes everything possible and visible. Play the Galactic octave!!!

8/11 So we can mobilize the changing mood solar, the process of realization on Earth, clear as a moon in de sun, yourself!!!

9/11 Always ready for the loyal manifestation with the wisdom from the Heart to enjoy, the loyal dog goes planetary!!!

10/11 We All integrate in the monkey or the power of illusion, the magic is playing spectral, the rhythm of Creation,

11/11 Understand the Heart of the Human crystal clear, the rhythm of this planetary body-system, you are the rhythm.

12/11We All  live the Light Cosmically, travelling All combinations open the door to the true beauty, the initiation!!!

13/11  Receiving magnetically All combinations possible for clearness, the tools of the Shaman, the pure intuitions.

14/11Turning in a stabilizing vision, seeing with eagle eyes, the truth that is the base of each balance, crystal clear!
15/11 Is activating the Cosmic Warrior, pure fire of truth, hard times for the ones that are living in the system of lies! Clearing.

16/11 The definition of the navigator of Earth, the action of new ideas and directions is the natural evolution initiating!!! 

17/11 Empower your Self-image, the overtone of confidence, mirrors what you are doing, reflecting endlessness

18/11  In the flow of the Thunder, the rhythm of the reactions of all actions, to Be One with the equality of Time and Space

19/11 Is merging the channel from the Solar Lord, the truth is the movement of existence, the diamond shines its colors. GAP

20/11 Harmonizing the pillars of Light, the action pulses the Galactic peace, the seeker of Truth traveling his dimensions.

21/11  To mobilize the spirit of wind, the Solar winds preparing the most updated wisdom to manifest, high communication. GAP

22/11 Manifesting the power of the Night, where your dreams and intuition come from, stay focused on the vision, planetary!

23/11 So you integrate in the multi-dimensional Cosmic Seed, YourSelf! Self-growing possibilities, dynamic change!

24/11 Then you will understand the crystal Celestial Snake, is the gate to co-operation between the Worlds, the life-NRG’s!

25/11 Than you are living Cosmically the bridge between the Worlds, the wisdom, everything together is the key, its open!!!

26/11 We receive the base of the flower, the healing Hand, beautiful Gate where knowing comes from the Heart, let things move!

27/11 Stabilizing the Venus Star, is the lunar challenge of YourSelf, know who you are, Light clears your mirror.

28/11 We activate electric the changing Moon or mood, the direct action of change, like you speak, is the direction it will go.

29/11 The definition of Loyalty, the dog measuring the easy way of simple Being, pure expression, enlightens your thoughts.

30/11 The empowering of the monkey illusion, the game of all planets manifesting, play strong and wise, not in competition!

1/12  Flowing the Human Heart, non judgmental, the Soul star harmony rises, formulating fertility of all Beings!

2/12  The channelling Light, flow of moving light shines in your life, ready for any change, expression joyously abundant!

3/12  Galactic wisdom, are you ready for a global intelligent expression, telepathically towards the communication of Light!

4/12  Solar mobilization of vision with full ambition, the view of totality, mobilize your part towards the new re-generation!

5/12  Planetary manifesting Warrior is the Time for the Truth, a hard day for those who forgot what the truth is!

6/12  Spectral navigation spirals yourself ready without fear, without borders, only what you make yourself!!!

7/12 Crystal mirror the wisdom of changes, let it Be clear so it reflects exactly what you are and what you want!

8/12 Cosmic Thunder, breaking through the wall of limitations and closed perspectives. Open for change, in your cosmic life! GAP

9/12 Magnetic Solar Lord is the spiritual Light that opens the wisdom of the solar memory, lovable wisdom gets shared!

10/12 Stabilizing the lunar dragon is the need to create and to accept, the life how it really is, shall Be the answer!

11/12 Electric changing wind, is showing the movement of change and keep this activated, feel the logic as it just is!

12/12 Defining Night, everything is organized and logical. In the darkness we see the Light a Re-consideration day! GAP

13/12 Empowering Seed is receiving the acceleration, where everything flowers, where all seeds merge the Reason!!!

14/12 Rhythmic Snake, the drum of the Holy Rattle, the Holy Fire of the Snake that’s dancing in you. Enjoy!!!

15/12 Channelling Bridge, Re-membering you on all the cards and see where you can bridge. Channel between the worlds!

16/12 Galactic Healing Hand harmonized a common day where every One can put his contribution into the whole, you know!!!

17/12 Mobilize the Solar Venus Star, to make complete, as a community under the law of Reason. Live and let Live!!!

18/12 Planetary manifesting Moon or mood, the Fire of the Light that perfection reflects. Doing is a common Harmony!!!

19/12  Integrating loyalty is letting go what was and Now and Here for our pleasure, all doors opening, open these things! GAP

20/12  The Crystal Monkey, the magic that stabilize this complexity of possibilities, playful as the crystal Light shines! GAP

21/12 Living Cosmic Human, , where each Heart would like to tick, the Cosmic rhythm of Infinity, always merging!

22/12 Receiving magnetic Light, pure NRG of possibilities and intentions, that initiates a clear view on the global outputs!

23/12 Lunar wisdom makes a difference in the view of the evolution, there is no good or bad, only the pure just-is! (Just-ice)

24/12 Electric Eagle activation, spread your vision, a total global consciousness is the reaction of your clearness.

25/12 Warrior definition is the ambition that makes you know where the obstructions are that blocks the creative flow!

26/12 Empowering the Earth, moving with the Space-beams of Light, these wheels are turning in the mist of remembering!

27/12 Rhythmic Mirror, on his best and clearest for everyone, the other side. YourSelf. In Lak’ech, I am another yourself!!! GAP

28/12 Channelling Thunder, the centre of creativity, the wisdom that we all enjoy and finally are going to Re-spect!!!

29/12 Galactic SolarLord the station of Light beings where everyone receives what good is for all and the highest ideals!!!

30/12 Solar mobilizing Dragon is the rhythm of all Intentions. Sunrising physical worlds, don’t break my mouth open!!!

31/12 Planetary Wind manifesting the expression in words of what your Heart wants,  everything is heard and flying around!

1/1/14 Integrating spectral Night is going into your dream world and the complexion of things, move towards Simplicity!!!

2/1 Crystal Seed is understanding the individual connection with the crystal Tone of the Re-Generation, Union seeding!!! GAP

3/1 Living the Cosmic Snake is like magnetic crystals shining through each individual a cosmic beacon of consciousness!!!

4/1 Magnetic Bridge is always open for the change, the search what contains everything. receive the Bridge, YourSelf !!!

5/1 The Lunar Hand equalize and bring All in a peaceful state, a relation that heals and that brings clearness!!!

6/1 The Activating Star, is the electric Starseed NRG that makes an opening for a bigger perspective. The Way-pointer!

7/1 Defining changing Moon is where we gather all information that we of the Source receive, initiation brings clearness!!! GAP

8/1 Empowering Loyalty, the power of gatherings,brings change, a new approach in vision. Unity for a total advancement!!!

9/1 Flowing monkey-magic, the magic that always comes back the art of surfing in the cycles between the worlds!

10/1 Merging the channelling Human Heart, the truth is the wisdom thats ripens in each individual, a global delight! GAP

11/1 Galactic Light,is the Galactic pulse that nocks on the Earth’s doors,bringing wisdom initiating harmony and happiness.

12/1 Solar wisdom is the sensitive intelligence that make things move globally, merges the magic of output, your words!!!

13/1 Planetary vision, speaking, as an Eagle is very unusual, picture language is a formulating vision. Global awareness!!!

14/1 Integrating Spectral Cosmic Warrior, this Light-cleansing shall bring you forward in the Space of the 2nd creation!!!

15/1 Crystal navigation surfs the Earth. Sirius initiates the leading source between the worlds, which cleans the steps!!! GAP

16/1 Cosmic Mirror, you are the Cosmic Bridge between the worlds, reflecting a stabilized navigation work with vision!!!

17/1 Receiving magnetic the Thunder, the Unification of the whole starts with clear source NRG, give directions color!!!

18/1 Stabilizing lunar the Solar Lord, away from duality and polarity, the balance that ripens totality without competition!!!

19/1 The electric Dragon love to work with the Earth and to be outside, unbelievable productive for the Continuity!!!

20/1 Defining Wind, listen to the Wind, learn to feel the information that comes, your mental in the magnetic field!!!

21/1 The empowering Night merge with all levels, the centre of the mountain, you are, the Re-Generator of your forces!

22/1 The flowing Cosmic Seed, the natural rhythm organizes everything, Time and Space is the fertility, Universal live!

23/1 Merging the Channeling Snake, the initiation in the spheres of consciousness, stay open for all the new! GAP

24/1 Galactic Harmonizing Worldbridger creating the possibility to complete, so all combinations can enjoy full attention!

25/1 Mobilizing Solar Hand remembers the completion, heal everything on the way. You are the doctor Here!!!

26/1 Planetary manifesting Venus Star, this door make you more wiser about the planetary enfoldment and perfection!!! GAP

27/1Integrating spectral the changing Moon, to Be ready in the 2nd Creation to fulfil you role Here. The Reason initiates!!!

28/1 Crystal loyal Heart, is in communication for the well being of totality. This complexity must be clear and understand!!!

29/1 Cosmic Illusion plays with open cards, ready for equality in the Reason of the Inner Child, that is the Cosmic High!!!

30/1 Receiving magnetic the Human Heart ripens the global mission, influence, to Be each other,  that pulses Unity!!!

31/1 Stable Lunar Light is knowing the Heaven dancer in the stars and rainbow, breath and the live between everything!!! GAP

1/2 Electric activating Wisdom is conscious of the electro magnetic field that keeps everything together in evolution!!

2/2 Defining Vision, independent for the global expansion, a free will Universe, you choose. Give your ideas form, simple!

3/2 Empowering Cosmic Warrior, is a good cooperation for solutions, because it can Be different! Create a clear picture!!! GAP

4/2 Flowing navigator, without judgement, the rhythm that the day clears! The Universal Heart-rhythm Earth, You!

5/2 Channeling Mirror, re-flecting everything like it is and the wisdom is to see it as a part of you, the definition of Self 

6/2 Galactic Thunder is what good is for All and everything, frees whole mankind, the travelers of the Cosmos!!!!

7/2 Mobilizing the Solar Lord, is the complete picture of the intentions striking in the Solar fields of Unconditional Love!!!

8/2 Planetary manifesting Dragon, is the physical instinctual perfection that the planetary communication transforms!!!

9/2 Spectral Wind as your breath lives and the wind the communication of the new creation is, you integrate and feel!!!

10/2 Crystal Night is your dreams in the Yin-Yang dance that we All live. Make your dreams true, find your framework!!!

11/2 Cosmic Living Seed, it is everything you can see and imagine is in the Seed, you are the Seed. So time to live!!!

12/2 Magnetic Snake, make a relation, feel and open your body, don’t disconnect for the dance of Passion!!!is It is vital!!!

13/2 The stabilizing Bridge is knowing of the polarities between all worlds in the middle of the bridge as a total neutral!!! GAP

14/2 The activating electric Healing Hand, clear solutions Now sharing all NRG together, what we want? Re-Open!!! GAP

15/2 Defining Venus Star you are, the elegant architect that build his own dreams in vision, let the Light and the love Be!!! GAP 

16/2 Empowering Moon, the process of the Universal Water. Aquarius rise out the water but swims still in the flow!!! GAP

17/2 The flowing rhythmic Dog, the Reason is working on your mental support the process that reflects on all others! GAP

18/2 Channeling illusion, the channel of Hanuman is where the Monkey is on his best, formulating Global solutions. GAP

19/2 Harmonizing Human Heart is being in Galactic fertility. Flowing in the physical Heart, the Earth. specially inside out!!! GAP

20/2 Mobilizing Solar Light, the memory gate of what you are and what you can do, the Evolution wait for your totality!!! GAP

21/2 Planetary manifesting Shaman, the wizard don’t speak much, his truth resonates globally expressing eternity life!!! GAP

22/2 Integrating spectral Vision stay open for the incoming changes, transform where you want and what you want to Be! GAP

23/2 The Crystal Warrior challenge deep conversations, the clearness what’s needed to understand the Universal Heart!!!

24/2 Cosmic Living navigation is the matrix of Cosmic live to complete your stay of action on this planet!!!

25/2 Magnetic mirror is that spiritual consciousness that shows you how little but Sirius piece you are of totality!!!

26/2 Lunar stabilizing Thunder, send you a balanced way, friendly solutions healing the planets freedom!!!

27/2 Electric Solar Lord, the Light, the clearness of all movements crosses your path, all possibilities for change ready!

28/2 Defining Dragon, the path of re-view, realizing yourselves on value! The ballet of Being, the path of Harmony’s!!!

1/3 Empowering Wind is the healing spiritual input and information, sharing and Be a share, of creation, all directions!!! 

2/3 Rhythmic Night, received on the waves of illusion. The flexibility let you enjoy everywhere and discover new faces!!!

3/3 The merging Cosmic Seed is the channel of totality, everything containing all together the Cosmic Seed, yourSelf !!!

4/3 Harmonizing Snake the Continuity to Be, Galactic harmony is the key to transform in physical manifestation, action!

5/3 Solar mobilizing Worldbridge, the equalisation on the Solar wave before its manifesting open and clear loyal and pure!

6/3 Planetary Healing Hand generous movement towards perfection, peaceful relaxing work in the physical spheres.

7/3 Integrating spectral Venus Star made in Essential Light, after the definition your Soul fly’s, beyond everything!

8/3 The Crystal Moon initiates a balanced Totality, ready for the mission, together! Clearness in the changing Mood!!!

9/3 The Cosmic Dog always Being there for the change, possibilities, are endless for that, supported from all sides!!!

10/3 The magnetic illusion plays the global communication that brings the formulation in a manner that it taken Siriously!!!

11/3 Stabilizing the Human Heart, the Earth is the heart of this magnetic planetary system that also YourSelf is.

12/3 Electric Light is the fountain of expression, plays a wonderful future in the Re-Evolution of you goal and activate!!! 

13/3 Defining Wisdom, Time for the 2nd creation or 2nd chance, a new cycle shall enjoy your communication in Light! 

14/3 Empowering Eagle, we are all Here to please the Cosmos and the Creation. Open all doors and mix that view!!! 

15/3Flowing Cosmic Warrior, keeper of the rhythm, time and space equalizing non judge-able with mankind !!! 

16/3 Merging Navigation, with contact of the Source shall you inspire with the magic that resonate, the gate that opens!!! 

17/3 Galactic Harmonizing Mirror that play’s all faces Galactic as a Unity of existence, that everything just-is (justice)!!! 

18/3 Solar Thunder is where your Solar-NRG the reactions of all actions is, purification in a wanted natural Creation.

19/3 Planetary Solar Lord like the births wake up with the sunrise, the flower of intentions wakes that of perfection!!!

20/3 Spectral Dragon, manifestation in the chaos, The Aquarius NRG plays a prism of simplicity and logic. Pure!!!

21/3 Crystal Wind the expression of totality, Solar-Evolution clears the picture of the illusion. The vision becomes Aware!

22/3 Cosmic Living Night is reacting on the Universal movement in yourSelf, Truth with the rhythm of the Trident ψ!!!

23/3 Magnetic Cosmic Seed inside out, your receive clear, re-members the totality of what we are and where we will go.

24/3 Lunar Snake, sets you’re in the reality of the Holy twin. The magnetic dance of the Universal powers!!!

25/3 Activating the electric Bridge with the spiritual spheres of Reasons, a electric shock vibrates the flower. Well Being! GAP

26/3 The defining Healing Hand, Re-members the knowing and reason for accomplishment in this Mental magnetic World. GAP

27/3 Empowering the Venus Star the Cosmos becomes your keyboard and orchestra, visualize the golden peaks of all NRG. GAP

28/3 The Rhythmic moon, is Being prepared, the direct action. Ready, always for the unexpected in the change on Earth!!! GAP

29/3 Channeling loyal Heart, bring the helping process around, the love of a million stars cooperate for Galactic Harmony! GAP

30/3 Galactic Monkey-illusion, are you ready for more fun, joy and the freedom of fear? Illusions  becomes reactional!!! GAP

31/3 The Solar Heart is the fire of Earth to formulate and dances the endless possibility’s of that Seed you actually are!!! GAP

1/4 Planetary manifestation of the Light, so shine child of the Light, open, Now and Here. What the heart desires!!! GAP

2/4 Spectral Wisdom makes all weak points strong by giving the full intention of liberation, to Be present in the current!! GAP

3/4 Crystal Vision, the eagle gives you perspectives of cooperation what is the preparation for the new cycle of the unity!!! GAP

4/4 Cosmic Living Warrior is the unconditional love expressing detachment, is to be master of emotions and thoughts!!!

5/4 Receiving magnetic Earth, that forms a goal and full brings the Unity. With a fearless intelligence a realistic base!!!

6/4 Lunar Mirror, you will find your mirror-image, stabilized and in balance to go the way with all possible intentions!!!

7/4 Electric Thunder, navigating the Universal movement, puts the NRG in the change, the purification in working!!!

8/4 Defining solar lord you come from the Light and go also back to the Light, so what are you Now? Measure this!!!

9/4 Empowering Dragon, far beyond your imagination. Look to all possibilities, before you take a direction!!!

10/4 Rhythmic Wind, is the flow of the direct moments of the movements of frequencies and languages, the navigation!!!

11/4 Channeling Night, is the channel of your dreams and intuition. Navigating true the gates between the worlds!!!

12/4 Galactic Seed, is the golden wisdom of the Sun, the Galactic dimension of structures, pointed on the Earth!!!

13/4 Solar Snake, a pleasure of wisdom and vital power for your body. Where the keys are to the complete preparation!! GAP

14/4 Planetary Bridge bring the communication on level for the Re-Evolution, between the worlds, let it grow and let it Be!!!

15/4 Spectral Healing Hand, the end of the transformation of knowing and well-being shall wake up the community!!!

16/4 Crystal Venus Star, coloring your true existence that shall merge all wisdom to new directions, Universal yourself!!! GAP

17/4 Cosmic changing Moon, is the navigation of imagination or simply, Being, a multidimensional is the Union complete!!!

18/4 Receiving magnetic the dog, the search for the simple way, with love, tenderness, helpful communication formulate!

19/4 Lunar stabilizing monkey is the understanding of the illusion that plays global here, polarize first before you play!!!

20/4 The activating Heart the influence that the wisdom ripens and formulates, loyalty from out the heart and the people.

21/4 Defining Light stay open so the Light can be the definition of simple Being, that the turn all elements of the creation. GAP 

22/4 Empowering Shaman, a step forward out of the Heart, the wisdom rising, a Heavenly wind touching the true Light!!!   

23/4 Rhythmic flowing Eagle, the reaction of all actions experiencing, giving the full expression, the vision and the Spirit!!!

24/4 Channeling Warrior, is the flow of the Light that send true the change with the fire in the communication!!! GAP

25/4 Galactic harmonizing Earth, full NRG in tune with the world-vibration, rises all times. Messenger are you ready!!!

26/4 Mobilizing Mirror, the Harmony of crossroads gets shiny with all Light lighting and reflecting out the Solar plexus!!!

27/4 Manifesting Thunder is the perfection motivated threw the ambition of your Planetary Heart-NRG, the loyalty Self!!!

28/4 Integrating Solar Lord is adjusting your fire that shall bring you closer towards the Royal spiritual enlightening!!!

29/4 Crystal Dragon, re-generation of new directions, open thinking possibilities that the stabilization chooses and shines!!! 

30/4 Cosmic Living Wind makes you Now ready for the whole to complete. Fly as a fish and swim as an eagle!!! 

1/5 Magnetic Night, pure NRG that makes you conscious that the darkness in your own temple is, your head, realize!!!

2/5 The Lunar Seed sends an instinctive safe individual transmission with purpose, the path where all existence grows !!! GAP

3/5 The Electric activating Snake, let you listen to your truth temple, your body, motivated by your own creative will!!!

4/5 Defining World-Bridge is the space and art of the whole evolution, to re-member the pattern of transformation!!!

5/5 Empowering the Healing Hand, cooperation, the key of clarity in the darkness, so recognise your true intentions!!!

6/5 Rhythmic Venus Star, organize you instabilities and take the Light and walk the path free, all-starseed are free!!!

7/5 The channeling Moon, is the acceleration of the source, is as Spring-NRG that put everything back in flowering!!! GAP

8/5 Galactic Dog harmony, refines how to express infinity love in the community by giving reason in this mental world!!!

9/5 Solar mobilizing Monkey is the sunflower of intensions, the magic of how it as, to Be or Knot to Be!!!

10/5 Manifesting Human Heart, the emotional reaction before you speak, not hurting someone, because it is yourself!!! GAP

11/5 Integrating Light is the initiation of the overflow of the future, DNA makes the natural thoughts gang!!!

12/5 Crystal Wisdom, what seems to be darkness is now bright Light, your sensitive refining, live and let live, AUM!!!

13/5 Cosmic Living Eagle creates vision in mind from cosmic base, the global conscious-nest, the healing wind of change!!!

14/5 Magnetic Warrior, this force from the source cleans All process, the real Truth. A Sirius deep realistic day!!!

15/5 Lunar Navigation, shows that you are the synergy of the Earth keeper. You Light is a sample of the good navigator!!! GAP

16/5 Electric activating Mirror, the refining movement that opens the perspectives of who or what you are, so clean up!!!

17/5 Defining Thunder-Being, is the full realization of the Creation and this to reflect the action, you are the Thunder!!!

18/5 Empowering the Solar Lord is the tune of the Light, your own, your vision is ready and let it Be your leading force!!!

19/5 Flowing rhythmic Dragon, it is time for Yourself, Be who you are, that shall the others initiate their chair, cheers!!!

20/5 Channeling merging Wind, blow strong directions of change and shines the intelligence, always-turning evolution!!!

21/5 Galactic Night Welcomes you, in the Galactic matrix of the dreamtime where everything is possible!!! DNA receives!!! GAP

22/5 Solar Seed, shows you the seeded patron The creator of all seeds is born in the mobilization of Creation!!!

23/5 Planetary manifesting Snake clears the path free of fear, stay focus on the vision and all dreams will be recognized!

24/5 Spectral World-bridge, the need to connect you again with the multidimensional worlds, enter this mental equalizer!

25/5 The Crystal Healing Hand re-members the library you are everything containing, the fountain of healing Reason!!!

26/5 Cosmic Venus Star, blessed and bathed in the new frequencies of total bliss. You are the Star, present and clear!!!

27/5 The magnetic Moon, the flow of the Re-evolution, open and ready for each change, blow the fog clear!!!

28/5 The Lunar Dog shows where everyone can help, otherwise there is no evolution. This is the re-evolution, logical! GAP

29/5Activating Monkey, the NRG of the clown, that is driven electric with all pleasure, wise education in laughing solutions! GAP

30/5 Defining Human Heart that the Truth formulates the true expression of Being and ripens a relax measured influence!!!

31/5 Empowering Light, where flowing movements measuring the vision of creation, is always a step forwards!!!

1/6 Rhythmic Wisdom, purification for all nation with guidance needed in this mental man world, is balancing the rest!!!

2/6 Channeling Eagle, the prism of visions, a re-structuring movement, the bridge between the Wings and Yourself.!!!

3/6 The Galactic Warrior shines deep realistic Universal Values, new ideas that are necessary for the whole evolution!!!

4/6 Solar Navigation, ready for the change, brings mobilization in your dream-head, ready to explode!!!

5/6 Planetary manifesting Mirror, conscious awaking of your multidimensional Being, clear your mirror, it is your path!!! GAP

6/6 Spectral integrating Thunder, in harmony with the current cycles. Cooperation for unity is the re-evolution!!!

7/6 Crystal solar lord, the Universal flow, the expression dedicated to the true Light into Unity and understanding!!!

8/6 Cosmic Living Dragon is the opening of the past for changes, Full power creativity for unity and a complete totality!!!

9/6 Magnetic Wind, the primal NRG, that informs how you can contribute and participate in this circular love beam!!! GAP

10/6 Lunar Night, the moon changing powers, in your dark head. There you find the polarities, in that aura of the mystic. 

11/6 Electric activating Cosmic Seed, is about the details of the flowering movement on this planet. Consciousness shines!

12/6 Defining Celestial Snake, knowing that everything as his own flow, self-existing and survival-pattern re-members!!!

13/6 Empowering Bridge, the link of the communication is the multidimensional Reason vibrating the way of Being!!!

14/6 Flowing rhythmic Hand, healing and peaceful cooperation, everything transforming in a beat that we all understand!!!

15/6 Channeling Venus Star, shows your talents and gifts, they keep the not yet recognized wisdom. Shine!!!

16/6 Galactic harmonizing Moon, carry the seed of the big central sun, a healing fountain that flows trough in yourself!!!

17/6 Solar Dog, is the loyalty that shines solar-NRG to keep  that vortex where all connections are, clear and ready!!!

18/6 Manifesting Illusion, knowing that words touch all worlds and that manifesting words live, they play globally!!!

19/6 Spectral Human careful ripens your evolution that there only can Be in this change, know the emotions and relax!!!

20/6 Crystal Light makes you choosing and figuring out that Now and Here it is to Be! Move all your wisdom; the crystal!!!

21/6 Cosmic wisdom of the Shaman, where the songs of Clarity playing, this heavenly feeling not leave you untouched!!!

22/6 The magnetic Eagle A new start, vision-light-flower, the eagle fly, causes transformation of ideas and dreams, enjoy!!!

23/6 Lunar Warrior, the inner voice and the balance from what direction you will take spiritual out the Universal Heart!!!

24/6 Electric activating Navigation, hĕ Earthlings, we Here to evolve, you are the synchronization between all this worlds!!!

25/6 The defining Mirror, chakra after chakra, 3 steps forwards, and 2 backwards than you moved 1 step forward!!

26/6 Empowering Thunder, re-generate yourself, the guiding force for all, in these restless days on Earth. GAP

27/6 Flowing Solar Lord, the rhythm is the path of enlightenment, your Godly consciousness, aware that you are, Light!!!

28/6 Channeling Dragon is a wealth of trust that gives you a save feeling. Communication is the action of simplicity!!! GAP

29/6 Galactic harmonizing Wind that shall open fur the sharing Universal movement that your new consciousness offers!

30/6 The Solar Night, the Noosphere transformation is the area that offers all possibilities. The rhythm of your Higher Self. 

1/7 Planetary manifesting Cosmic Seed, recognize the truth of the seed as totality and your part in the pattern perfection!!! 

2/7 Spectral Snake, open up and to let go what is been. Make place to feel yourself, is your choice, a re-born consciousness!

3/7 The crystal Bridge of all Worlds resonate the highest combinations for totality. Equal communication, the change!

4/7 Cosmic Healing Hand, ready for any change on hands, the re- evolution. Lay your hands where needed, HEAL!!!

5/7 The vessel of creation, the magnetic Light dance of the Venus Star creates the music of Being, whatever you are

6/7 Stabilizing you mood, the moon mirror or yourself, you live your dream, Be balanced at All times,

7/7 No questioning you are activating the loyal Heart, the will in the vessel, the call for evolution, love, light and laughter!

8/7 The monkey magic shifts definitions for the community Globally; a Solar eclipse shining the way in illusion.

9/7 Empowering the Heart of the Human in global consciousness, shines clearness, the rhythm of the Universal Heart,

10/7 Flow the Light, Space and rhythm, the dance of frequencies peeks in everything and equals All on the 13:20 time.

11/7 Merging the channel of the wisdom of the Shaman, your in the centre gate of awareness between the Worlds,

12/7 Harmonizing Galactic, the Eagle gives the vision on Earth, expanding new directions with aware intentions,

13/7 The Solar mobilization of the Cosmic Warrior, strong will urges truth, fearless to rise the solar power universally,

14/7 Manifesting the navigator of Earth planetary, is the vibration of the words of All worlds, ideas become reality. Enjoy!!!

15/7 In this Universal ray we integrate the image of Self, new information, the old is gone. A new picture is born, just-is!!!

16/7 Understand crystal clear the reactions of Thunder, is the complex stability in the storm, clearing a crystal fountain!!!

17/7 To cooperate the Solar Lord, Cosmic Living, Ahau Universal frequencies beaming All directions and possibility’s!!! GAP

a new cycle start, see beginning!



GAP=Galactic-Activation-Portal days, 52 total!!


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