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7 Agni God of Fire

7 Agni God of Fire




The Lord of the Lords!

The Lord of Fire, Ambition-Geo(spiral)-Natural-Ambition, AGNI!
Agni is Life NRG, Fire of Life, the most abused element on the planet!
Life-NRG used in the metal-fields to kill??? Fire-weapons???
Where are we going, what makes Humans go against the Law of the Universe,
"Live and let Live"?
Humans please, everything is connected with instant karma,
so you abuse fire to kill, you kill your own mental fields and will need many years before it will Be re-leased! Agni is also the tongue,
the fire of communication that IS NOT used enough on the planet
and this is the only fire weapon allowed, your communication!
Crystal clear Life NRG manifesting the Light in the communication,

Agni is the Re- Evolution!!!



In 1996, I played my first Agni Freedom Celebration party for a school in Bangladesh. The next year Agni 2 was a partial eclipse, and again for the streetkids school in Dhaka, all arranged with Liton and Goddess. The flyer for the party I designed, and it became the Cosmic living symbol that I use for the MayanMoon flower symbols, but without the text,
Here is the explanation;
The center of the spiral of Cosmic living is the Sweet Water source, before it becomes Salt Water cycle, where the 3 spheres of Air are the low-medium-high and held by the atmosphere Agni-Fire-Intelligent cycle.
The outer cycle is Sitaram-Colourful-Foundation and the date 31.8.97, 24 hours party, OM PADMI OM!!!

Hope to re-connect Now to celebrate AGNI 3, with Goddess crew,

I just arrived again in Antwerp after 6years!!

!2006 = de rhythmic Infinity Stabilization or in the Re-Evolution,

3 electric activation, so Agni 3 sounds good timing Now!!!

in lak'ech,

electric Hand from the planetary Moon Cosmic Seed,


baba D.. 


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