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6 Chanting

6 Chanting



To open All frequencies, to connect All!!!

Now its important to sing together, it brings you on the nice wave of Oneness!
Dolphins jump up, butterflies shining all patterns,
and this is when you are chanting, opening everything,
the way for Harmony and understanding where there are no expectations.
Fulfillment and Joy to sing and chant it out.

Your connect ness will guide you in your Octaves,
there is nothing to worry about,
sing it out, it is for the good of All...why.
you think you are not connected with Everything
= every frequencies, every octave, every tone, every dimension,
every civilization, every culture, or every Gaia Being!!!
EVOLVING; **Energy_Void_Overall_Latitude_Void_Intelligence_Natural_Spiral_ (Gaia)
There is no Time when you sing, there is no Space when you sing,
YOU ARE Creation when you sing!!!
Connect again, spread your Light and Love,
Unconditional, go for it!!!
Peace & Love & Light & Laughter
GC evanos baba D..
November 2002


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