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5 Lightcities 1&2&3

5 Lightcities 1&2&3


The Re-Activation of the Inner & Inter Galactic Cities of  planet Earth
Its time to join the NRG's and clean our cities
This are the cities of the future:
Pure - Clean
An environment where All people live
In Harmony and Peace
With each other and with All Earth Kingdoms!
Every region has its own Light City
A lot of work to do ,to let them all shine again!

The history of the City, (specially EU cities) suffering from the heavy weight of stinking  karma, wars, greed, manipulation, torture,  crime,  tyrannical abuse etc. for over centuries. There is need to clean the place: Forgiveness,  Respect and Love again ,are parts of the Re-Evolution and you are the main player in it .To free all this stock and lost Souls we need to walk the city with so many Lightworkers as possible to free all negativity,  to a point where we gather and transform it into Light . By freeing the Inner Galactic Cities, beautiful mandala’s will appear, the connection with the Inter Galactic Cities clear!

This Re-(SUN) activation is the doorway to the InterGalactic Stargate and needed for Xpanding the global consciousness in each individual of what and where you ARE!
Welcome in the Universe , because that's where you All are , you are the Universe!!!
Where you are born, ... you  go  liquid..., feel where you are... flowing !
What river you are? Forest..., bird..., animal..., fish ...
You  Re-present them All , experience you multidimensionality
And Be as One,a totality in progress, a divine Being!

H_U_M_A_N_  **High_Universal_Model_Ambition_Natural_ , A high universal model, ambition natural.
C_I_T_I_E_S_ **Creation_Intelligent_Top_Intelligent_Energy_Snake_, Intelligent creative NRG.
This explains Human and Cities in the **
Dicologica Time to know!!


This is the update of Light Cities vol 1 I wrote in ´98!!!
Now on the Equinox 2004,
on the Lunar stabilization of the Human Heart, vol2!!!
The Re-Activating Light Cities will shine a importend role
in the Re-evolution of the Universe!!!
The connection back to the Consulations of the Sky´s!!
This harmony is the evolution of All!!!
All Star consulations are present Here,
as individuals, minerals, plants and animation (animals)!!!
But the Human Being and his Multi Dimensional functioning
Here are all mixed in the big Cities!
The Consuling City re-pre-send a Star Consulation with Star Consiousness!!!
To find this connection, is the challenge for Humankind and the Universe!!!
Big work is already done, the first activations are already mapped,
so far I know in Belgium and the Netherlands.
Still alot of work to do!!!
In the acceleration of the closing of the 26.000 year cycle this is the final discovering in the Human evolution!!!
That you are Light....visiting in a Galactic Car (Human body)
the Inner Galactic Cities connected with the Inter Galactic Cities,
functioning for the well Being of All!!!
The Sacred Sites, vol3
the old and still connected City´s!!!
The Ancient Civilazations, that lived in this places!
Re-connecting again with your presents,
updated with the wisdom of the Now, retro verso!
For the seek of the uni-verso!!!
Your visit in this sacred ancient places, will stay in mind!!!
From their we can reconnect everything, allways!
Telepathic, clearvoyand and or is direct!!
The closing of the Cycle of 26.000 year is closed!
The polarities or dualities became One!
From 1994 already the mineral, plant and animational Worlds are out of duality!
This are the Worlds of our proper substance, the Human Body!!!
The Galactic Car, Present, Past and Future!!!

in lak´ech,

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