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4 Mecenases

4 Mecenases



What happened with the Mecenases ????

They disappeared totally in the mental karmic fields,
where they got stuck in the stock markets!

Still in these days, this changed the world field drastically.
They lost vision!

Who where the Mecenases???

The mecenas where always there till the middle-ages,

People that helped the education, art and evolution,
with offers of many kinds... 
places, time, effort or financial support.
The noble Ones.

Are they still existing, are they still out there?

Yes they Are, only they support the wrong things.
We have now Nobel-prizes, mostly for scientists and Presidents, For What!?!?
They All produce more laws and weapons and then they get the Nobel-prize for it !?

A totally different concept now!!

 With the Enlightened education for each individual, SVE; awareness, Light communications, new peaceful NRGs,... common solutions, clairvoyant and telepathic, UNU.

For All this, Mecenases are urgently needed!!
Hope I deserve a noble-prize, to bring Galactic Harmony back around!

The youth is what needs support,
the evolution of each individual,
to Be at the right time and place.

The parents are the students,
seeing that the learning fields have no limits and need all possibilities,

The learning field is everything existing, all worlds as yourself, the mirror!

If you're still out there, lost in greed and fake power, welcome again.

I call this the SVE SITARAM Education, is forward as Light can Be !!

Each individual can and will become aware!!!

Bring them back in, please!

Here is some Vision Now, let it happen,
everything is Here, share it, it is for All.

Mecenases consciousness needs your clarity and sharing.

Awareness is in Lakech, everything is in Lakech.

In Lakech, I am another yourself!

Everything you do for another, you do for your Self!



To bring the mecenas support around,
project UNU is created

A project for Light education, 2nd Creation and Solar evolution, out since 1998 and in 2011 we put SV in two parts, easier to under-stand,
Now 2013 we are 
ready to start on the books!!!

Primary and High School SVE,

All connected makes One big collective as we move in the future

In UNU we have various different projects, from daykeepers till

common language Dicologica, Mayan Calendar, the Light cities,

All planet Earth!!! For the Galactic synchronization, so humanity can

Finally rejoin in harmony FREE Space, the freedom of fear,
belief and politics!

This is all in the Now and Here, so where are the Mecenases Now !!!

You are a mecenas, you're helping already by reading All of this and channelling it out!

Project Temple of One, the place to clear global solutions in a geometrically designed temple of One connected directly to the GC and Pleiadians! With community around, little school, yoga hall, art centre and sustainable gardens and animation!!! Planned here in Australia 2013/2014

In Lakech

Universal Assistent, baba D..Tanka

Next projects: basically for getting the education together and building THE Temple of One and to rise the AwareNewDanceYear 2014 festival in Queensland Australia
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