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9 Solar Evolution vol 4 (2009)

9 Solar Evolution vol 4 (2009)


Solar Evolution volume 4 (2009)

To follow the next,
read first vol. 1-2 and 3!!
Solar evolution or re-evolution

2009, the nr 9 tone Bolon stands for Solar Mobilization,
back again after 10 years, 1999,

the trinity solar mobilization that we receive magnetic!
This is the first solar mobilization of 2000 = 2 Lunar Stabilization tone.

2009 = Solar mobilizing the Infinity Planetary Manifestation
of the Lunar Stabilization, 2009!!!!

The NRG we get, seen from the view of 2012
or the Gregorian Calendar.

In the Solar Evolution we are Now in the rhythmic flow
of the Aware flower (see vol3)

How we want it to flow rhythmic that THEY mobilize solar,
what we flow rhythmic (vol1)

So for THEY (the unconscious that become conscious) mobilizing solar in the WE (aware) rhythmic flow.

Last NOT physical,
2010 is the manifestation Planetary is PHYSICAL that WE channeling...keep updated!!!

Coming closer to the Crystal Understanding of the Lunar Stable Planetary Manifestation or 2012

So you arrived (vol2) already, prepared something??
You know the Power Flower Now,
a simplicity that makes 
everything evolve!

Light, Crystal clear UNDERstanding of what we really are and representing Here @ service!

Did your "GOOD FOR ALL" project work??
Your plans, directions, intentions changed???

2010 we are going to channel the resonance
and lightworkers re-membering,
all the Children coming, will Be 4 Seed and 5 MOON,
definers of the Self Existing fertility
of the Multi Dimensional Worlds, Can Kan,
and flowering the changing action of the Mood(n),
Ho Muluc,
coming also in the Planetary Manifestation of the Lunar Stabilization of Humankind 2010 !!!

written Can Kan Hun Ahau Santa Mandala
on the new Light flower of Ahau Solar Lord, the Idealist



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