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1 Intro

1 Intro


SVT 9 The Solar Mobilization,
we mobilize, from the Galactic Grid to the Solar Heart

Sitaram Vision Tribe

SVE, SitaramVisionEducation
GC, Galactic Confederation

Now all together
Food for the Brain

SVE education Syncro, in 5 flowers of 13 tones,

 Syncro I-II-Dicologic-Ubiquitous-Birth haab

new education Power Flower

to start the 2 first parts 
Low school Syncro I, 4-5 year Ones,
every One older start Syncro 1,
 and High school II, 6-7 year old

we unite and want to bring this education


Now also out in Free Android Application!!!
"Power Flower Synchronizer"




Re-Programming of YourSelf!!!

Every day the Day Kin up on the frontpage,
with a simple calculator build-in,
Easy to follow with the 13:28 Moon Module,

Mayansurfer the NRG of the day!

Crystal clear simple website,
For everyone,
for expanding and more fun!!

pass it on to your friends,
easy to surf, crystal info,
created for All,
for more AWARE PLEASURE to enjoy!!


Thank U for choosing SitaramVision,                                                     GC@service

in La'Kech


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