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8 U-Banjar Projects

8 U-Banjar Projects


U-Banjar Projects

the Universal - Banjars that you re-present All,
is a flower of Doing,
with many levels!
In Bali it is the SUBAK,
the subak is the One, that controls the water-system,
the water-navigator, so everything can grow as it flow,
exactly the perfect amount,
without the Subak the Banjar can not function,
the U-Banjar is All in One,
the subak is the e-motions!
To start with the start!!!


Project for All Nations!

A. Re-Store:
the Garden!!!
Clean the Garden;
our Heavenly Garden!
schoolwork; for All students around the planet clean up your village and you will educate
your parents on this up-dated evolution!
That you will do it ONLY 1 Time for them!
Cleaning up the neighborhood is to start with Yourself,
your Multi-Dimensional Being!
What river, forest, bird, animal, flower,
tree you re-present!!! Start Here.

B. Clear the Garden!!!
Crystal clear understanding - Awareness -
Purpose - Living and let Living


C. Re- Vieuw the Garden!!!

Education - Cosmologic - Evolution

D. What needs the Garden for the next 26.000 years!!!???

Trans-port NRG on Awareness,
Frequencie Unity open

E. Lightfrequencie,
Dolphin&Star resonance,
Crystal Clear!!!

The wave of Joy and FUN sharing
like birds swim in the Ocean and fish fly in the Sky

written by baba D.. Tanka,
on the Kin empowering the Mirror or Self Image,
2001 Puri Damai Bali




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