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2 UNU projects

2 UNU projects



Unu is all telepathic happening,
for a opener and crystal clear evolution,

the Planetary Manifestation
in the Now&Here!

UNU = *Universal-*Natural-*Universal,

where everyOne is connected,
if you like it or not, you are connected,
Any-way, All-ways in All Worlds!!!

there is no winning or loosing, we All go 1 step forward, Awareness, Light,
Communication with the Love and Laughter to merge All!!

Raised as a telepathic organ in Antwerp Belgium on 26 February 2000, by Baba D..Tanka (BEL)
The evolution of All worlds, the frequency of Unity is a must,
doing this All together, the completion, stepping off the competition,

A open education for All Creation of every nation.

A just-is (justice)that it is for everyone normal and logical, like it just-is!
Simplicity is the only value and clearness that goes direct,
as is the Truth. Synchronizing Humanity on the Galactic octave!

For the Awareness of all Worlds and your Gaiabody,
that your multi-dimensional Being Here is!!!

"UNU projects"with their year written by baba D..Tanka
falling Now in two levels, Low and High school, not one is more or less but their are steps to under-standing!

Part 1 UNU files

The Way; Mother Earth magnetic fields or directions. 2002


Agni: the Lord of Lords!  2000
Chanting: opening the frequencies! 2003


Lightcities 1 : the inner Earth cities, 1998

Lightcities 2 : Update 2002

Lightcities 3 : the Sacred places to connect! 2004

Solar Evolution 1: One of the most important,
in the Mayan - Dicological way, written in 1998 file for 2000
Solar Evolution 2: Update, what happen!?2002!
Solar Evolution 3: the New flower started! 2004
Gaiabody Vehicle: your Galactic Car!   2002
Crystal Pyramid: charging your Crystal pyramid 2003
NR 2: What is NR 2, Natural-Rotation 2,    2002
U-Banjar Project: project for All Nations!   2001


Part 2 UNU files

Synchronizer 9X9: Map of 9 by 9 = 8+1,  2011
SVE: For who? 2009
Solar Evolution 4: update 2009
dessert or deserted!!  2008
Individual Mission: All arrived, Now and Here! 2002
Dancing is Travelling vol1: you are the Cosmic Dancer! 2000
Dancing is Traveling vol2: I am the Cosmic Dancer! 2009
U-Banjars ; system evolution planet Earth! 2001
Mesenaces: what happen with the mesenases, please contact, if you see One! 1998
SVE: Sitaram Vision Education 2004



What to do Humanity: after the shift! 2002

GC: Galactic Confederation  2002

Solution-teams; working on and in Awareness on the planet! 1999

and more to come!!!

Pass-Port: Pass(the)Port of the Lords Of Time! 1998

All original written by baba D..GCevanos

*see Dicologica


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