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12 What to do Humanity

12 What to do Humanity


What to do Humanity

Wake UP!!!
To find out what frequency forms AFTER the Shift???
What frequencies we can use for traveling physically?
Now with the technology that falls away soon, we better use it NOW, while we still can!
To find the solutions of the Mu, the 5th Dimensional living.
Soon is less than a year!!!!
The first CCM (Crystal Channeling Messages) told us March-April 2003!!
This we received November 2001!
Now they tell us August- September 2003,
so it is less than a year to work everything out with the technology we still have.
With the change of frequency, there will no more:
computers, E-mail, stock-markets,
batteries and transport as we know now!
Important to know which frequency it will Be,
for the survivors and All will survive!
But 20% will be the Ancestors,
because they still remember how it was,
80% will come back as their children!
With a totally different education, life can Be easier for All,
especially these new Light Beings or Souls that choose to Be back,
bathing in wisdom and fun, for the good of All!
It is different Now!
They receive magnetic the so called knowledge?????
How it's supposed to Be or what ever they want to give you!?!
After we enter the Mu or 5th Dimension,
the young Souls will automatically
receive the WISDOM, because this is the magnetic stage,
for freedom of expression is this evolution.
By keeping these young kids clean with the wisdom of life,
NOT knowledge,
but let the freedom build up his/her own knowledge or know how!
That they can experience multi dimensional Beingness,
One with All!

The illusion rich as a playful monkey, with the vision of the Eagle,
the loyalty of the dog, wisdom of the Shaman and the Thunder.
Always ready for the changing action flowing in the Cosmic Seed.
As a thunder being Re-acting the Self image, in lakech!!!

Now that we start to re-member, the simplicity of things and its multi-faceted combinations.

It becomes clear, the understanding to let go, the flow where we all go!
 everything is crystal clearly understood!
The initiation, as a Light being, merging the Gaia body to evolution, thats the Re-evolution!
Re, the Sun or Rotation-Energy, evolution.
It vibrates intentions and possibilities, the urge of Unity.
Make your intentions and directions clear!!!
That is your path,
your destiny and purpose on this planet, to enjoy!
Share your true Being, connect again with everything,
the wind will blow your confirmations,
the Spirit of the Wind is Direct!
The Wind is Re-action-all, the ruler of Laws and Truth.
The perfect wisdom of Change for the good of All!
Blowing instinctually from the Galactic Inter Cities,
the pole of the Inner Galactic Cities, the cities of planet Earth,
reflecting the InterCities or the Constellations of our existence,
GC = Galactic Confederation or Spiral Creation,
Kukulkan, Quetzalcoatl,
the Mu or Model-Universal,
yourself, past-future-Now-Here, GC!!!

read more part 2 in GC file UNU!!!

NB: 2002=2012 so 2003=2013!!! see solar evolution 1

in lak'ech
October 2012


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