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SitaramVision Shop

SitaramVision Shop

the Vision, the projects,
the education and baba D.. on the Way
For keeping Sitaram Vision going !!!!

is All specialy made for that:

games, daykeepers, sarongs, tshirts, sweaters, key holders, patches, silver hangers, mayandeco etc...
you can order here, ON line!!!
The Lightflower tools
for a simpler understanding what WE are,
to open perspectieves,

to live it 100% yourself,
sharing fun, evolution, healing, playing

unique games,
and endless calendars,
power flower, flower Power!



Flower of Intentions created by baba D..

Powerflower Now and Here game

13:20 Oracle card game

Mayan evolution


1 Digid =
20 Dollar
10 Digids =
130 Dollar
box (81) Digids
800 Dollar


Infinity pocket 13:20 calendar, registred!
english need vol3 soon,35 left!!!
1 = $25
5 = $100
100 daykeepers = $1300
possible put it in your language too
costs 2500 Dollars for 500 new daykeepers!!


Eindeloze zak kalender, geregistreert!
1 = 20 euro or $25
5 = $100
100 daghoeders = $1300
stock availleable in Antwerp Belgium contact Indra!


Guardian del Kin
Calendario de bolsa Infinito 13:20
1 = 25$
   5 = $100 

100 Guardians del KIN = $1300 

availleable for Latin Continent

stock in Chile Santiago , serpiente espectral


Satin Meditation pants

loose pants for ceremony, meditation or even party in 5 shinny colors!
SV CD Audio
Compilation of spoken files of Sitaram Vision:
english and flemish versions!!!

english; U-banjar, Lightcities, MayanMerkaba, Crystal Pyramide, Re-Evolution

flemish; Individuele Missie, Kristallen Piramide, Re-Programmatie, Mayan Merkaba, 13:20Tijd


Books SV soon out!!!!

ready in PDF waiting to print,....missing printer money!!!
"Mayansurfer" Book of Totality, 260 faces of 4D, eng-vla
"Digid book" als ready in PDF!!! eng-vla



ALL original work
created with Awareness and Fun
for the higher purposes,
by baba D..Tanka


All in blue is ready to order and go!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

tshirts, pants, patches, deco, sarongs all made in Bali  

the costs of delivery transport, +10%

in lak'ech

Universal Assistent

baba D..GCevanos, Camac Muluc




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