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12 CALAHUN NR 2 second creation

12 CALAHUN NR 2 second creation

Crystal tone, 12the file Syncro 1 or 12/13

2002 0R 2012
a explanation on
NR 2, **Natural-Rotation 2!!!

UNU Project 2nd Creation!

The 2nd Creation is your Evolution,
how YOU want it emotionally balanced!
This appears in your twenties*,
your balancing years emotionally,
the re-action of what you receive magnetically from the 1st Creation,
from when you came out of your mama you receive magnetic, your parents, family, neighborhood, religion, school and some poor Souls even the army.
That is your first step in to Creation, absorbing everything.
Everything you ever SEE from when you born until Now is there in your digital brain or mind. Whatever the Eye eats, you will shit it out, through your mouth!!! This is the magic of expression, instant and direct is the best.
If not there is a block, and will need to Be released, better soon than later!
Thats why Crystal healings are so succesful these days,
to release, to remember, accept or release! Emotions can come from very far, many past lives (killed, drowned, suicide, etc).
The Evolution of all Souls playing ON this planet as well.
Now in the closing of this Mayan cycle of 26,000 years,
spinning to the point where the next will start (26,000 years) that point is the Universal Awareness in each Human Being,
the realisation, his 2nd Creation,"I AM Everything"
and All my work is based to reach that point and to go beyond!
The New Cycle, let it Be a transparent Golden One, it is anyway,
the Lights and Colours of the Galactic Octaves.
If you feel, then it is already Here, as the wind,
the changing wisdom of the communication of Light!


*age 20 = stabilizing Lunar the Planetary Manifestation,
age 21 = receiving magnetically the Planetary Manifestation, etc...
age 28 = Galactic Harmony of the Planetary Manifestation, the Saturn-Return for the most. A cycle of Saturn is 28 years,
the lessons of life in a cycle ready to mobilize Solar your 2nd Creation!
So live for the moment plays in the Saturn-Re-Turn cycle,
if we are going in, 7X4 = 28, 4 cycles of 7 years!

This is the purpose of the whole Sitaram education.
Check for yourself when you were 7, 14, 21 or 28,
was there a major change???
With a good education,
(first Creation, and third Creation)
Humankind CAN LEARN in 1 cycle of 7 years,
that means 4 generations in 1 and that is what the spiraling up of Time brings, the acceleration of the big 26,000 year Venus Cycle that merges All other planets as well. The closing spiral brings us to that point of Awareness and Re-Membering of the whole cycle, 26.000 years!!!

Temple of Change Bali, 2012 2002
in lak'ech
update 2013, did't change nothing...2003




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