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01 HUN Cosmic Pot of Joy

01 HUN Cosmic Pot of Joy


1st file Syncro 1 or 1/13, the magnetic, receiver, Where we come from!?!?

The Cosmic Pot of Joy,

Is the Universal swimmingpool, full of all plans....
of All Stars, Constellations, Planets, Galaxies, Universes!!
The divine Essence, Sublime Light,
the Ocean of Frequencies, Blissful Love,
the liquid Crystal, the Go-Direct,
no duality or polarity, just Unity, 

the magical brew of All combinations.

This juice, all mixes of colors and intentions,
the pure Joy, 5th Dimensional infinity!!!

The place where we all Came out...and will all return,
looking for the next PLAN or Mission!!!

You choose to come out from this 5th Dimensional pool
the mandala of Totality and Light,
entering the same mandala of Totality but in other Dimensions
(1-2-3-4D), the evolution or evolving dimensions,
going on a mission, you want to do or express something.

Choosing the energy needed,
if your plan is manifesting Planetary (physically),
then you choose the Human Car or Body, (see "Galactic Car")
Than you come automatically in the Tzol'kin,
the 4th Dimensional module or model,
that each Human re-presents!
Your Plan will be a combination Kin, 1 of the 260 Kins,

your 0 point is your Birth Year where you enter the tzol'kin

You pass the Temple of Light, where All the Lords of Time gather
(continue part 2 "Temple of Light")



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