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05 HO Crystal Pyramid

05 HO Crystal Pyramid


Overtone tone, 5th file of Syncro 1 or 5/13

What is the Crystal Pyramid?

The Crystal Pyramid is the memory-base or MIND!

What the  eyes see will go directly to the mind attached to the Crystal Pyramid!

Every Galactic Car has it!!!

How it works?

Its clean and ready to absorb when still in the belly of the Ma!!!
When you come out of the 13:20 Time (9months) in to the 12:60 Time,
there it starts to fill and load....fully!!!!
Now its the Time to clear and clean your Crystal,
Things not needed for your evolutionary path, let it go...
let it go thats the flow, blocks will stop the Light going through,
The Light will shine whatever is in your pyramid, after all!!!

Function of the Crystal Pyramid?
The Light will shine through your body, through your pyramid!!!
And the Crystal is as you like it! Re-questing this NRG,
is what you get!!! You can shine your Light where ever you like,
that will activate the Crystal Pyramid and than you function Multi Dimensionally!
Connected with everything in the Pyramid, *crew and passengers!!!
So 1 becomes trinity, 000 or 1000 in 1, you are the One connected with a 1000,
Crew and passengers!!!
These 1000 NRG's or Trinity will always surround you,
magnetically, no matter where you go!!!

What to do?

See that you are re-questing the good NRG's by clearing the Pyramid
and go in there and release whats not needed anymore!!
Support whats in there!!! You are the only One, that can clear your pyramid!!!
Re-programming yourself back on the 13:20 Time!!!
Whatever happens, energize your Crystal Pyramid!!!
So you will have these crystal clear energies appearing on your way!!!
Your Re-Quest!!!

individual Mission
in lak' ech,
GCevanos, baba D..Camac Muluc
written in the solar seed, on line lunar Wizard Alto Paraiso Brazil2003


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