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Planetary tone, 10th file Syncro 1 or 10/13

daykeepers were always Here,
in all sorts of forms and functions, to expand all posibilities,
to Be as open and receptive for the second Creation, Now & Here ,
the 2nd is the stabilizing tone, a stable Creation! Aware Beings!
That's the reason that I make 500 new daykeepers, to empower Awareness.
That numbers and letters are NRG's, like YourSelf, manifesting creation,
to have that knowledge is the key to the Direct-Natural-Ambition or DNA.
From Noosphere to Biosphere and back, the Gaiasphere experiencing
Sun - Moon combi-nation NRG is Now for 104.000 years on this planet.
Daykeeper is a pocket 13:20 time module,
13 Moon tone cards and 20 Sun Glyph cards,
2 wheels turning everyday 1 click each!!!
13:20, 13 tone moon energy's visiting the 20 Sunhouses 13:20 timing.
The 12:60 timing the system is based on, the illusion timing.
13:20 is the Time, Aware , the RE-Evolution is Now,
we are All Here knowing this and ignoring this is ignoring yourself,
who are you to separate???
We All need you, each doing his/her function, daykeepers

share and turn your Solar wheels!
Be-cause we are all here!!!
So everyOne can understand what I am doing, playing and changing ,
opening All limits and look how beautiful it gets.
To make this pocket calendar I needed to design a flower of symbols of DNA.
So these 13 symbols are re-presented in this Daykeeper as well as in the Digid Oracle to share this second creation,
I made 500 daykeepers in 1998 Bali!!
500 NR's, explaining in a Dicological way, the Re-Evolution,
the first 99 are the guardian keepers for all dimensions,
each number has his resonance, personality and aura as well,
to open more and more, the combination field of All NRG's
the guardian keepers are my Bal-i friends,
creative and artistic travelers,
a international mi-X beings on the way, as MI.
Bali solar plexus,
the centre of the Spiral of the Universe
where I started this trip with the help and support from these friends,
my awareness raised and showed that it is time to prepare each individual for the shift, 
what we are Now fully experiencing at this moment, and each one coming on!
To wake up in a full Re-spons-able creative mirror world, GAIAbody, yourSelf!
The endless combinations and possibilities to know,
always there to use
To order;
can Be sent quickly wherever you are,
just write to me here or on my mail
available in English - Dutch - Spanish
Also possible to make them in your language!!!
Daykeepers on the mission;
its the destiny of All in the Now.
All the 1.. hunderds recieving magnetically the 2nd creation,
the same as the first 99 Bal-i .and Greece(15), UK(20) and Holland(20)
All the 2.. hundreds stabilizing Lunar this 2nd creation are Australian keepers or EasterAlien friends,
except the last 10, the stable mobilizers,
29 and the activation nr 300 are in Greece
the 3.. hundreds are in the E.U. Energy-Universal or European Union,
the electric activation of the second creation,
the most, BelGen(70%)-10 Italy-10 Germany-10 Australia
the 4... hundreds,the definers of the Self-Existing of the 2nd creation are in S-America, Peru and Chile, this connects us all perfectly in the beauty of completion so far the first 500 new daykeepers,
next 500 Daykeepers printed in Bali 2002
and translated in Spanish, 1600 Guardians del Kin in 2005
and translated in flemish 1436 Daghoeders 2006
every NR registered in the Tree of Daykeepers!!!

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