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03 OX Galactic Car

03 OX Galactic Car


3th file Syncro 1 or 3/13, the activator, body

The Gaia body Vehicle!

GAIA: **Geo(spiral)-Ambition-Intelligent-Ambition

BODY : **Bell- Overall-Direct-Yoni

The Galactic Car,

The best Light conducting Vehicle for Solar-Evolution!

To bring Light into matter, merging to evolve,

rhomboid sync structure, mirroring Re-flecting All combinations

in an electro magnetic way, telepathic, clairvoyant,

alchemical, astrological, a multi-Dimensional Cosmic Being!

On Earth known as the Human Body or vehicle!


A High Universal model, it’s the Ambition-Natural that explains, perfect the Gaia body.

All the combinations of Nature,

Minerals-Plants-Animals-Human-stars and planets, in One body!

HUMAN, all the colors of our stones and minerals making endless brews of history,

combinations, directions! From this plans grew; blowing in the wind the plants came,

crystallized matter, All Combinations of Unity, Perfect!

Flowers grow the beauty of Cosmic Living.

Structures of evolving, animation came expressing all

the dimensions, animals, birds, fish, perfect harmony!

Then the Human body, re-pre-sents the Gaia Totality,

conducting All possibility, free will, no interfering, the way of  Perfect Evolution!

It was all beautiful, and without knowing, this Gaia body was cut,

cut from his functions! Manipulation from above!!!

In Human-evolution about 8000 years ago, high abuse,

manipulation, religion, politics, etc… existed and was common,

until Now, the New Beginning!

GC re-action; Galactic Confederation Gomaisha evanos,

as representative of the Lords of Time, Here physically on planet Earth,

synchronizing Human beings back to their Galactic Octaves and their true destinatation!

To avoid All manipulation of Human Re-evolution on planet Terra or Earth,

Transforming all back towards a free will position!

To Unite….YES!!!

To abuse...NO! There is no interference needed.

This is a joyful experience not one of slavery!

The NRG played on Earth is unique!

Dark NRG’s have manipulated the play and now need to leave,

because YOU are Light shining, connected to the All for the best of All!

Different hey…!

Politics, religions, commercialisation, its finished!!!

We are going DIRECT, we believe in Ourselves.

This is All I want to share, Myself, as One!!!

For the best for All! What do you want??? What do you need???

What for the next 26000 years?

2nd Creation is Now & Here. Your direction, please!!!

You are your own judge,lawyer, policeman,in your own jail,

is your policy to perform your way in your Gaia body.

It’s your dance, Now, for the good of All!

Not One is Here to judge you, many are Here to help you!

Re-member, Unconditional Love has No expectations, everything *IS!!!

IS :**Intelligence-Snake

Quetzalquoatl, the vessel of the Feathered Snake, with the pure Light of Live NRG,

transforming all as one again and One as All… you …you….you ARE!

Everything shows itself. Except the knowledge(education),

that as been fed. How is it supposed to Be??

Knowledge is what they have been feeding you…

Now, like it is...Wisdom will make your own knowledge!

Your wisdom to Be One. You, Here and Now!

Wisdom is the only way to find yourself and your path.

Always connected to intuition, possibilities, intentions, e-motion-al.

A benefit to the All existing. That’s the wisdom of the 2nd dimension.

The plans of Simplicity, the power flower or flowerpower!!!

All equal, All different, All go-Direct, All God, All Divine,

All precious, All One, All on the way!

Not one more, not one less, let live and live!!!

In Lak’ech, the joy of combinations is endless!

From Gaia’s 1st dimensions, the pure clear sources,

they mirror Galactic perfection, in rays, in rhomboids,

atoms and infinite geometry in to the minerals, stones,

rocks, and crystal core expressing existence,

creation, and the foundation of your Gaia body!

All these re-sources are the combinations of clearness in Everything.

Nature, a Cosmological Garden in full evolution,

showing All faces, Your facets of the beauty you are, full NRG for this Re-Evolution!

The closing of the cycle, ready for the New Dimensional Shift!!!

As with the first Dimensional Creation, in Human form expressing All possibilities,

out of this first Creation of All combinations, grow the plans, …the plants, the planets.

To stabilize the forms, the 2nd Dimension. After this the animation came.

But Humanity is still on his/her plans, 2nd Creation,

after receiving magnetically all the possibilities and many more intentions,

Humans will have to plan or stabilize this E-motionally, to feel its place in Creation.

How He or She wants it to evolve and animate Life,

directions and rememberings are happening automatically,

if you know what you want, what you came to do Here.

The wisdom of Being, multi-faceted creation itself.

Finish thinking, it's action Now.

Intuition will guide you smoothly through the illusion, back to infinitle life.

Bridging All the Worlds, doing evolution!

As a Light Being initiating the Gaia body in his/her multi-dimensional functions!!!

Written from and in the book "Light Re-Quest" by

GCevanos, baba D..

Last works in the Temple of Change, Bali

November 2002, 4 manik or the defining Healing Hand


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