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How to teach Syncro 1

How to teach Syncro 1


Basic for subject Syncro

A program to teach Syncro!!

The program is 13 steps over 2 years

Wisdom of Star Consciousness in steps,

not one more or less or no flower!!

We take our time to bring it crystal clear!

Its a new way, an initiation level that we need to bring playfully for 4-5 year olds

 artistic, with storytelling, design, painting and play, etc

Syncro in Totality that we all are everything,

with your birthdate we can see that everybody is equal!

Its all about the Moon and Sun or Kin you're born in,

13:20 time, 13 moon tones and 20 Sun houses, 13x20 = 260 or 9 months we all came!!
This time or tzolkin is the perfect model of totality we all came from and are!!!
This module of wisdom is where we're gaining the full knowledge of our multi dimensional Being!
A birth right to explore deeper!!!


The birthtime 13:20 or 260 days = the Tzolkin, totality, the most simple way for understanding!
What we want to do here on the planet and how to archive it! In education wise, we start with the magnetic receiving WHERE we coming from, a clearness or content that is a birthright for all to know!!
So we start here, where, we all coming from...i call up your imagination,
the Cosmic Pot of Joy I call it!

Where ALL the plans of stars, constellations, planets, galaxies and universes brewing!!!

Read well the Cosmic Pot of Joy thats the first subject or paddle of 13

We start the education with this story and asking to drawn,
what the child think is the Cosmic Pot of Joy!!!
We going trough every subject starting with storytelling,
and they drawn their understanding of it!!


you have any suggestions or questions please contact me

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