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09 BOLON Lightflowers

09 BOLON Lightflowers


Solar tone, 9th file Syncro 1 or 9/13 mobilizing

Lightflowers are the simple explanation of the Moon energy called "wavespell" in the Maya calendar.
Where their are 20 Sunhouses, each have his Lightflower!

So each sunhouse his flower!
Always beginning with tone 1
or the magnetic tone that we receive.
Not 1 is more or less or no flower,

everyone has his function or no flower!!!

This power flower shows with simple symbols,
that you can find everywhere on this site!
Also in the Daykeeper, pocket calendar
and Digid that explains the Lightflower even in 4 colors and becomes a oracle!!!
This symbols are also on the shirts of the Lords of Time, sarongs and decoration, key holders and silver hangers,
also weaven in the Sitaram Vision and Dicologica etc..
The 20 Light flowers I wrote in 1998 in Bali and out on the website since!


The opening page will always show the combination of today,
1 of the 260 KIN'S

1 HUN, the possibilities and intentions we receive magnetically,

2 CA, pyramid pointed down, possibilities and intentions stabilized lunar,

3 OX, the points where the two pyramids touching is the electric activation,

4 CAN, the pyramid up where all gets defined as self existing,

5 HO, final concept comes in motion and empowers the first flower, the overtone,

6 UAC, the flow of the flower is rhythmic,

7 UC, we merge from the centre of the Light flower to resonate,

8 VAXAC, this flower wisdom gets harmonized galactically,

9 BOLON, the last non physical tone, the realization solar,

10 LAHUN, the second flower appears, the words you speak manifest planetary,

11 HUNLAHUN, receiving this 2nd flower that we integrate spectral,

12 CALAHUN, as a co-operation to crystal under-stand,

13 OXLAHUN, so we can enjoy and live it cosmically!!!

You can NOT live Cosmically if you dont under-stand, you will have to integrate spectral in the manifestation Planetary!!! The 4 physical steps!!!

The under-standing of the flower of Energy's is the Totality flowing and living!! Created to see the bigger picture of everything of what we really are, nothing to understand anymore, everything is understood, next step....
the RE-PRESENTATION to enjoy all the possibilities!
The Power of the Flower is a natural movement,
that everyone can easily understand!

Real life,
pure energy that always is flowing
and how you can surf this wave together to have more fun!!!
With your Kin you fall automaticaly in a Lightflower,
your Lightflower!! That as the name of the first tone,
the whole flower from 1 to 13, is your energetic life wave,
that no time knows only flows, infinitely!!!


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