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13 OXLAHUN SV Re-Program

13 OXLAHUN SV Re-Program


Cosmic Tone, 13th file of Syncro 1 or 13/13

This is what it is all about!
the unity of Light we all are!

This vision is how to keep our channels, chakras,
mind and body crystal clear.

So we can Be in tune with the re-evolution happening right now,
for the new kids just born, for the older just going,
it is a must that we are clear about this happening!
RE = Rotation Energy program, it is for ourselves to clean up,
our clearness and cooperation within so we can live it daily!

Sitaram Vision contains only Light tools to make it clear and easy,
UNU - Dicolgica - Mayan 13:20 these are the 3 basics of SV, Now in two parts, 1 and 2!

Each file of SV is a step forward, advisable to go slow, one by one
or you will blow you mind in overload!!!

Welcome to Sitaram Vision Tribe or Community

You want to join these missions or share what you are!!!

A beautiful opportunity to synchronies the new times we are doing together!!!

in la'kech





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