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02 CA Temple of Light

02 CA Temple of Light


Lunar tone, 2th file Syncro 1 or 2/13, Stabilizer directions

The Temple of Light

In the Noosphere there is a Temple,
where all the Lords of Time gather!
As Lord of Time Myself,
I can tell you the story,
because I am as well Here but Always There.
This Temple is a very strong One,

The Temple of Light
The passage towards Evolution.
From the Great Spirit base, the Light-combinations prepare
themselves for the Re-Quested Evolution on planet Earth.
As Gaia asks for Evolution and the needed combinations,
for doing this leap in a New Greater Cycle!
This evolution is Planetary.
And with the best Light-conducting Vehicle we have,
in the whole Galaxy is the Gaia body,
a vehicle of Light or Human body to do the Re-Evolution in!!!
When your combination was Re-Quested,
you pass the Temple of Light,
to choose your play in the Game,
game I can say because you come Here to have more fun and awareness, to make possible and clear All combinations.

So... visiting the Lords of Time,
as a ball of Light Re-Questing your function in Totality,
asking to go in Time, in the Haab.
With the Haab we convert Time,
in the Venus - Pleiadian 52year Cycle!
What's happening in this Temple of Light??
You present yourself as a bundle of Light ready to go in.
The Lords will ask what you want to do?
Your answer will fall in the converter (Haab)
and basically you choose your year to Be born,
to Be ready in the Now & Here, for the Re-evolution!
Than you pass to Acturius Star,
where your evolutional parents get chosen,
as well the place to prepare yourself for the voyage, past the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge into the belly of your mama.

The 13:20 Time or Tzolkin, multidimensional Time!!
Now with the Haab, synchro, with the 13:20,
we can find easily with your birth date what you wanted to do as  Light being on this planet before you came in this Gaia body!

See,  Syncro 1 - Part 3  *Gaia body Vehicle*
another UNU subject.

Written in the book "Light Re-Quest" by GCevanos
Last works from in the Temple of Change, Bali
November 2002, 4 manik or the defining Healing Hand


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