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04 CAN The Way

04 CAN The Way


Self existing tone, 4the file in Syncro 1 or 4/13

THE WAY **Will-Ambition-Yoni

As we are All on "the way"
there is always a local way,

with local people that play the Way!!!

Your play, your map **Model-Ambition-Portal
that re-presents your mental-metal fields!

On the way is your transformed mental transport, all-ways
reflecting All, totality in its finest expression, 


It is the reflection from the whole existence all-ways,
whatever dimension, you are the way!

All energies play at the same time their fitting part,
dancing the most updated re-actions in form,

the Galactic adjusting octaves never stop,
because they never started,
they were Here All the time !!!

The slow-motion time planet Earth!

Frequencing on the mental-metal
magnetic field that connects Everything.

Many frequencies on the way,
to get a-way with experimental lack of Creation,
stuck in exploring new dimensions, Humanity?

Instead they try to go to space,
not knowing what they are doing,

everything is Here on the way,
the whole Universe is Here Now!
can we share Now what is needed to evaluate Our Way!!!
We don't want to Be limited anymore,
we wanna go on, the next step, Now please!

Where do you want your **Top-High-Energy (THE)
(WAY)**Will-Ambition-Yoni to flow???

Mother Earths magnetic fields or directions thats All on the WAY!!!

** Dicologica


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