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07 UC Tzolkin 13:20

07 UC Tzolkin 13:20


big_tzolkin_in_uv.jpgtzolkindeco.jpgResonant tone, 7th file in Syncro 1 or 7/13


The Tzolkin 13:20 module
The Tzolkin is for me the best module around that explains the 4th Dimension!!!
ONLY 260 faces expressing totality, for living it, feeling it, Being IT!
Simple and clear! 13:20 Multi Dimensional Timing, is the pure DNA!

The LightFlower Encyclopedia Or the Tzolkin is the garden of the Twenty Sunflowers, the perfect Harmony!
Each sun flower contains all the others, up to divine NRG!!!
all very clear step by step or tone by tone

Open for All, easy to understand All equal,
not One more or less than another or there is No flower!!!!

Everyone or every tone has a function,
expressing itself for the build up of the flower!!! Or there is no flower!!!!
Flowering is what we are doing Here in the flow of DNA!!!
Sitaram make Tzolkin deco or initiation gear!!! Look in the SVshop!!!
Lightflower Tzolkin 4.2m x 2.8m full natural fluro painting
Lightflower Tzolkin 1.5m x 1m
Tzolkin = 4D = Human

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