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11 HUNLAHUN What is Sitaram?

11 HUNLAHUN What is Sitaram?


Spectral tone , 11th file ofSyncro 1 or 11/13

What is SitaRam??
Flow Dance Foundation, 
is forward as Light can Be!!!

Thats on the label printed and there it changes already,
the label printer, showed the first sample and there it was printed,
FLOWR DANCE FOUNDATION, flower was the original but
they forgot the E (energy), so one less was possible so it became
FLOW, but it is all about the E (NRG) that he forgot.

It is about flower, flower power or the power of the flower,
the NRG of the DNA,this is the NOW&HERE flow and
that is what I dance within.

Sitaram foundation brings symbolically NRG in crystal clear forms,
the power of the flowers and all combinations within Everything.

Sitaram is opening all perspectives
on the way to Global consciousness!

And I think its on Time, the 13:20 time!!!

Sitaram Vision explains the NRG's clairvoyant,
clairaudient, telepathic and psycometric,
remote viewing, intuitively with all healing abilities.
6 dimensional Sirius functions only to access
with the full knowledge of 5D.
This is where the vibration and frequencies of this planet travels,
from 3D to 5D!
The stages of this direct NRG must Be fully known,
before you can move a dimension.

So after defining the self-existence (4D)
of everything and Being at peace with it, 5D will is achieved,
only yourself can walk this ladder.
Sitaram crystal clear, free from judging, seeing all as equal,
regarding all information as pieces to an always growing puzzle that never claims one final solution or answer,
BUT a multiplicity of possibilities, like it just-is!!!

Sitaram is for all, so please reply and suggestions are welcome!

Only when we open, we make evolution!
The beginning

Support is the food for the vision and the Re-Evolution,
happening Now, the acceleration and closing of the cycle,
in the void of the new cycle of 26.000 years,
where Light will Be the communication for All nations!
The preparation of Self to *Rotate-Ambition (ra), YOU, RA!!!

Out of this Sitaram Unity and creativity came Sitaram Vision, SV!!!
2006 already SV6 in 7 languages and opens with SVT!
SVE SVeducation for the Crystal and Indigo Children
from Now and Here and yesterday,

a new vision for and from the new Generation!!!
SV as a Re-Programmation to merge and evolving with this New Time Children, worldwide!!!
SVT = SVTribe is born!!!
Its a AwareDance!!
2009 Awaredance 1 and Vayeb'ku festival Bali
2010 Awaredance 2 and Vayeb'ku festival Bali
2011 SVT 7, Awaredance 3, Sitaram 1 -2 festivals Bali
2012 SVT 8, Sitaram 3 and Awaredance 4 Bali Alpha Kumba Aum festival Radjastan
2013 SVT 9,

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