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06 UAC What is the 13:20 Time?

06 UAC What is the 13:20 Time?


Rhythmic tone, 6th file Syncro 1 or 6/13


The Natural time
13 moon tone NRGs (lightflower) and 20 sun combinations,
13 x 20 = 260 = about 9 moons,
the Human pregnancy time equals perfect totality,
the Human natural creation time!

The multi dimensional natural time where we all came from
and that we all are!
A Pure NRG calendar (Tzolkin)  used and explained by the mayas
as a module of multi dimensional Being
I wrote the combinations for Living it Now!*
Because this flow is the time of Infinity which never stops
it is natural time!

13:20 is a Wheel in a Wheel (Gregorian),
that makes another Wheel 13:28

13:28 turns always with the 13:20
So 13:20 Time is the base of the 13 moon calendar!!!
And for sure it's the natural Human Time!
It is maybe more clear if we go looking in the dimensions!
13:20 is the mandala of the 4th dimension!
If we know this 4D or under-stand THEN it opens 5D!
So to keep it simple, we go from 3D to 5D and then the path opens towards 6-7-8-9D....
but first you will need to under-stand the 4th Dimension,
understanding  is not overstanding!
That is why 13:20 is a
super natural Light tool
the 260 day cycle, each day creates another energy flow or kin
forming together Totality!
mandala 13:20
The Tzolkin Pleiadian Venus converter
is another mandala 13:20!!!
see Tzolkin



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