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6 Dancing is traveling vol 1-2

6 Dancing is traveling vol 1-2


Dancing is traveling! vol.1

Dancing is the Movement, Time, Space, Evolution
This IS Multi Dimensional Traveling,
Being a
directing where ever you WANT,
The want is evolving,
your dance evolves Light NRG
that makes you unique in the DNA flow.
This WAS an unconscious happening.
Re-stored by the wisdom of Knowing!
To let it go…that’s the flow…we All go,
where we All are!
Your functioning evolution, for the best of All!!!
Dancing is traveling in Time,
Direct Light conducting through your Gaia body,
expressing the Unity of the Planetary Manifestation,
where Words are not needed any more!
A higher level of Planetary Manifestation;
where movements reflect the beauty
of your function to help the Whole!
The perfect harmony creates 
light body purposes!

Trance to Dance….Dance to travel…travel to function…function to evolve…evolving we All do!!!
When you dance every movement you think on,
is changing something…
Re-Questing (thinking) is asking for it,
Dancing is loving it, empowering it, Being it, Doing it,
The smallest muscles in your body having fun by contributing, YOU, the Cosmic Dancer!
Dancing directions with the best Intentions,
making the paths clear for All.
Together we will dance the change,
together Re- evolution,
Dance how you like it, open yourself,
let it go and jump in the Time,
Past the CircumPolar Rainbow Bridge!
Initiate your Gaia-body on his/her Tele-path, ones re-mote,
ones clear-voidance, on All Alchemy,
on All what is and still is to come.
It is a blessing to dance evolution... how you like it!
And totally your choice to do…
but Be always Aware, what you're evolving,
Dancing is a magical connection,
to present yourself as functioning,
and your dance will Be a full cleansing empowerment,
for your Self and All on the Way!

The instinctual intuitive Re-fleX flowers infinity.

Dancing is Traveling Volume 2

I am a "Cosmic Dancer" and I need to dance!!!
Expression of all that is!

Trance only can lift me to my Cosmic Dancer position,
where creation and re-view is possible!

Only trance!!!
But baba trance is dead!?????
Its over, passed by!!?
WHAT!!?, only for people that dont know,
feel or see vision of Unity and evolving!

Dancing is bringing you and all the rest back into harmony!
Dancing, you don't need people, its your evolution,
I need space and good frequencies to surf!!
I am a dancer yes 100%, dance to evolve!
Full, New, Shiva 
Moon phases, all nice to connect with,
equinoxes and new cycles,

feels so good to Be connected, he!!!

Sitaramvision I try to explain what I play and dance,
my own vision!!
For the Good of All, simple!!!

DJ baba D.. and Gaia D..

in lak'ech

written 4Kan, 1 Ahau
the new Lightflower of the Idealist!!
Santa Mandala 2009


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