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4 Flower Power 4D

4 Flower Power 4D



The explanation from the Power Flower,
understanding clearly what and how a 4 Dimensional shift is,
Each cycle is a 90 degree dimensional shift!

Not One is more or less and all have a function
and doing it, or no flower that’s the Power!

Is the only
formula of NRG we are and everything works!!!
Also the Time frequency!

The Power Flower clearness comes with a flower,
a Lightflower or Moon(d) flower!
13 Moon tones that the Mayas left behind for us to figure out
and to Under-Stand(12) tone 12,
to live it Cosmic 13 ( December 2012!!!

Starting with a Dimensional Shift,
we receive magnetic, stabilize it lunar,
activate it electric,  defining Self Existence,
 then the second dimensional shift takes place,
is made by flowering or overtone!
Then we flow the rhythm, merging the resonance,
to harmonize Galactic, to the 3rd shift we mobilize Solar,
till physical manifestation Planetary,
integrating Spectral to Crystal Under-stand,
so we can live it Cosmic!!!
the 4th 90 degree dimensional shift!
So 1 and 4 is the same!!!
Both are what we receive magnetic!!

in lak'ech
NB; the 13 SitaRam Moon symbols speaking for themselves,
was created for deeper understand of spiraling NRG by baba D..!!


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