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8 GC Galactic Confederation

8 GC Galactic Confederation


GC Galactic Confederation!!!


The perfect wisdom of Change for the good of All!
Blowing instinctually from the Galactic Inter Cities,
the pole of the Inner Galactic Cities,
the cities of planet Earth,
reflecting the InterCities or the Constellations of our existence, GC..
GC = Galactic Confederation or
**Spiral-Creation, Kukulkan, Quetzalcoatl,
the Mu or **Model-Universal, Yourself,
past-future-Now-Here, GC!!!


The **Direct-Natural-Ambition, DNA flow, only evolution,
following your direction, going to Be One!
All NRG is merging that way,
the ray of Light and Truth, so simple as possible.
Let it go.
Find simplicity in yourself and All the illusions inside,
outside reflecting!
A new Awareness is rising again, MU, to Be One!
Unconditional Love without expectations,
freedom without conditions, for All!
GC is that place where Awareness is ON.
Where ever that may Be,
it's in everything as everything is
in your atomic structure of your vehicle, the Gaia body.
The best Light manifestor available in the whole Galaxy,
The Galactic Car!
As we All choose to Be Here,
conducting the Galactic Car,
the remembering will rise his functions that reach back Infinitely!
The Re-evolution, is EVERYWHERE beyond your imagination,
its ON at the Earthstar,
its part of the frequency possibilities in our Galactic Car,
All at the same Time or no Time!
Time is past, everything you do is evolution,
so Be sure that you do what you like
and like what you do!!!
2nd Creation is waiting for you.

How do you want it!!!
How do  you want to live cosmically!
What is good for All!!
You are the beacon of Light,
a Lighthouse, a turning point, a transformational guide,
a book of life, a pillar of Light, a joyful happy Being!
Ready for everything, any moment, to Be Here!
The grounding is that moment when you really connect All Time.
Centre yourself again at the Crystal Core of Pancha Mama,
the centre of the Earth, under your feet!
Thats where you sit and resonate with Gaia,
than the Central Sun will become visible.
Without grounding it is useless to fly in the Higher Re-alms,
and you will miss the shift coming!
Let go...connect..let it flow!!!
Everything gets transformed in the Crystal Core,
the resonating vibration of Gaia, nothing is too much!
Negativity gets transformed Here.
When you connect once again, wherever you are,
let it flow...
you will see and feel the difference!
Now you understand that the centre of the planet
is beyond good or bad levels, there it is simple NRG!
So if you flow all your negativity,
or your positive praises,
it is NO different for Gaia!
There is only NRG received,
non judgmental, not emotional,
just crystal clear NRG
brings All in harmony, your intention is enough, to connect,
Gaia is Always happy with the intention of joining!
The Gaia NRG in the central Crystal Core of Earth,
is full Mu frequencies,
unconditional Love expressing and transmuting.
So the solution of All your anger and supressed problems,
let it flow-breath-enjoy!
GC, beyond good or bad,
to join, let it go is the GC flow, the Gaia Core.
All is understood Here,
Elohim, Sananda and Star consciousness living Here!
Always guiding the Higher levels, for the best of All.
Connect again with the Source and Infinite Life,
the revolution of Yourself!

Believing in Yourself was systematically stopped,
by religion, conquerers, politicians or chaos.
Now it is the Time, there is no Time!
Wake up and find your channeling Light
connecting everything again.
Your Lights were cut off for many thousands of years,
Now you can find your true source back, GC.
The spiral Creation.
With full protection from interference from Now ON!!!!
No more manipulation,
this is for rotation purposes,

extraterrestrials did this for 8000 years,
the Pleiadian Light force and the Sirius Light workers SAY,
finish, out of this planet, this is Holy evolution,
way beyond even YOUR imaginations,
your shoes out of the Temple please!!!
The Sacred Pancha Mama, Earth!
You are lucky that I am Here on the mission Now,
maybe my next mission will Be looking for you and vanishing All abusers!
How dear you manipulate this Solar-Evolution,
the evolution of 1001 constellations and Star systems!!
Clearly this evolution will happen!
Fully connected, All.
Back on the path of free will, nature, perma-culture,
One with All,
experiencing your multi dimensions,
freedom from Fear, to Be One,
with nature, legalize nature!!!!!
The combinations of your Gaia body, still kept close!
By Laws???? We know only One,
Live and let live thats for everything,
wherever, special planet Earth!
One harmonic flow.
Humanity deserves his connection back to it's Higher Self,
and to have All the possibilities to work it's Higher purposes, Here manifesting planetary!
Who are you even to think to judge!!?
it is all simple,
LIVE AND LET LIVE, enjoy take care for Yourself,
thats the only path there is, stop judging your mirror!!!
Its All illusion, its all Maya, its all natural, its all Mayan,
the illusion Natural, you are All, Everything.
This is why you are Here,
to have some fun in harmony with All,
the experiences of All Cycles, dimensions, civilizations,
it is NOW!
The wisdom of All, as One to manifest planetary Cosmic Living!
The joy to merge the Divine NRG, natural DMT,
as a psycadelic nomad,
beaming D-Light on everything surrounded,
building a beautiful flower!
One more for our Heavenly Garden, please!
The NRG that momentarily is flowing is pulsing to flower in Awareness.
The wisdom is flowing, opening All doors of knowledge,
to solve it in simplicity, there are No secrets in a beam of Light,
there are only a lot of possibilities for All!!!


This is part 2 and continues from what to do Humanity file UNU


in lak'ech
October 2002-2012



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