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12 individual mission

12 individual mission

Individual mission
We've arrived!!!
Now we know our mission!!
We know our function, through the Mayan Calendar!
We know we are Multi Dimensional!!
We know that we are Light, driving the *Galactic Car or Human body!
Initiating that Galactic Car in our Multi Dimensional Being!!!
Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Alchemy and Astrology!
Now wave arrived and are ready for Astral traveling, and
your take off is in and with your Galactic Body!
So the last instructions!!!
Clean and clear your *Gaiabody!!!
Than you are ready to connect with your crew and passengers!!!
Automatically your crew, the people whom you are working closely with,
and your passengers, every One and all the things you liked
from the moment your are born, Will Be in your ***Crystal Pyramid!!!
And that is what we will have to clear and clean, so
everything that's in there will reflect and re-quest with your Light!!!
So Crew and Passengers, ready???
Thats the individual mission for All!!!
in la'kech,

Galactic Car
 Crystal Pyramid


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