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1 Power Flower Syncro 1

1 Power Flower Syncro 1


13 Files from SVE subject Syncro 1, 
This is the Tone Lightflower Syncro 1,
the 13 steps in a new but very old Star-Consciousness!!
A natural flow, Power Flower

the initiation level for Education, the New Beginning!!!

We want to bring it in every school on this planet,
1hour a week subject SYNCRO

Lets open it now all together,
work in progress so please be critical, it's for basic education,
open up, thats what syncro is for,
DIRECT, re-view NOW,
start from the Magnetic tone 1......
We receive(1) magnetic where we come from....                                                   1 
Where we come from??
so we stabilizing Lunar(2) the dissision what we receive(1) Magnetically!             2 Where you going?? Purposes!!
to activate electric(3) The choozen direction, and transport mission Earth!!!          3 Vehicle choice!
So we Can define(4) the self existence,  How it really works!!                              4 The connection
Flowering(5) the crystal clear clarity, of what we driving!                                     5 What are we?
Flowing the rhythm(6) of the cycles,                                                                    6 The Clarity
Resonate(7) the clarity reflecting,                                                                          7 Totality we all Are!
Harmonize Galactic(8) the possibilities,                                                                 8 Structure
to mobilize Solar(9), the beauty within,                                                                 9 Realisation
Manifesting Planetary(10) the perfection from the mission,                                  10 Mission
Integrating Spectral(11), what we doing, opening more possibilities,                  11 How?
Understanding Crystal(12) clear the mission and challenges,                               12 The Flow
to Live Cosmically(13) myself tuning up, always ready for the New!!                 13 Mission completed, 
                                                                                                                                  ready to go back to base!!



1 Cosmic Pot of Joy

2 Temple of Light

3 The Galactic Car

4 The Way

5 The Crystal Pyramid

6 What is 13:20 Time??

7 Tzolkin 13:20

8 Dicologica

9 Lightflowers

10 DayKeepers

11 What is Sitaram??

12 Nr 2 explanation

13 SV re-program


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