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2 SVE Education

2 SVE Education

Sitaram Vision Education
Sita = Female and Ram = Male,
the unity of Light we All are!
Vision = the Unity of Evolution that we all doing!
Education = the wisdom of living it!


Especially for the New Born!
The Crystal or Indigo Children!!!

Thats why SVE has to Be there already yesterday!
Working hard to get it together.

It will come out in 3 parts,
 that afterwards will form 2 books.
A new concept for the New Children,
to keep them flowing in 13:20Timing!
This is part 1 
the explanation of SVE,
is here on this site,
 thats UNU, DICOLOGICA and MAYAN 13:20 


13:20 Time is the Time we All came,
260 days or 9 months,
this is the Multi Dimensional Time!

When you came out of your mother,
they say welcome in the 12:60 Time
and than you entered
in the artificial manipulative Time,
finished your 13:20 Multi Being!!!

Limits All the way,
religious, politics and a education that keeps you drunk untill you're 28 years,
and still then you're wondering what you are and why you're Here!!!





This manipulative education,
we can not serve anymore to Our New Born Children!!!


Thats where SVE comes in, to keep the Indigo Kids in the 13:20 Time,
the tools we are using; the Mayan Tzol'kin 13:20, UNU, Dicologica,
these 3 things are Sitaram Vision!
The workshops we give Now to the adults,
is food for the brains of 4-5-6-7 year old students!!!
Adults most of the time don't understand because of there 12:60 education that is still running and that is what we want to review!!!
That education is the manipulation which keeps you disconnected to what you really are. And it is or was a full load program!
Where you can use only 15% of the info in real life!!!
The other 85% you will have to release,
to make place for your new education of Being and evolution!
Thats why adults do not understand directly,
as their minds are full,
and there is no connection with what I say,
they will have to make place for this new info.....see you next time!!!
For adults this is a Re-programming!
But evolution makes it very clear,
the so called technology we have Now,
as...the computer is how we work with our minds,
how to keep it clean and clear to function optimaly,
what program to use, where to store it, etc...
then the Universe provides us with E-mail or Energy mail,
where we learn our telepathic channels and connect,
more than 1 person at a time, this is our so called technology!!!
All for the Humanbody or Galactic Car I call it! 
The evolution points directly at the 13:20 Time,
Now on the end of the 26.000 year cycle,
preparing for this New coming,
thats why we are All Here,
especialy the New Ones and thats why SVE!!!!
 Sitaram Vision has been on-line since 1998,
doing workshops All around the planet,
bringing it simply so that everyone can understand,
in 10 languages Now, more coming I hope!
To start the introducion of SVE,
the need for it, to get the complete understanding!
With a playful artistic view
it will Be easy to keep these New Souls clear
and at 7 years they will know,
what they really are, what their function is, in totality we all are!
what they want and how to proceed for the best of All!
SitaRam Vision is for parents
 to Be at the same frequency of their Divine Children;
and have the understanding of what they really are!
Example...All the kids born in the year (2005) of the Cosmic Seed,
KAN13 they want to Live Cosmicaly the fertility of the Multi Dimensional Worlds!!!! They came to this planet to live cosmicaly the fertility of the multi Dimensional Worlds!!!
Or 2007 they come to stabilize lunar the wisdom of the Shaman Ca Ix,
till 25.7.2008!
Than Our electric activating Storm Beings arrived!!
Then 2009-2010 Can Kan,
the children came to define the Self-Existing of the Multi Dimensional Worlds
Now 2013-2014 Galactic Seeds, born harmonizers!!
We need to Unite and open!!
The Rudolph Steiner education is the closest Now given,
Art is a very important factor in SVE, so it is in the 13:20,
Time is Art!!! The Art we are!
Multi Dimensional Beings or Lights in a Galactic Car,
the best vehicle that conducts Light in the whole Universe,
the Human body.
And to maintain that you will come in the education 13:20 Time
or Mayan Totality that we All are and functioning in.
A playful way of this wisdom of Totality and what he or she
re-presents in the mandala!
Sitaram vision explains the Power Flower or Flower Power,
13 tonal energies of the Moon, all equal,
not 1 more or less or no flower grows,
everyone have a function or no flower!
Simple symbols, easy to learn, so numbers are energies.
SV with Dicologica, letters are energies as well!!
Universal Language!
The opening of perspectives, more fun, is what they want to learn
and will help them not to get lost or drunk in the wisdom flowing.

All this is already on-line internet,
but Now I have to write it again for the young Stars,
book 2 for 4-5 year olds and book 3 for 6-7year olds!!!
I will appreciate All insights and suggestions,
for bringing this education SVE out on the planet,
your opinion is of value for the future of OUR evolution,
your help and re-presentation are important for the Unity that walks around, to make it happen!!!
Have a look at our creative Support Artwork page,
for a clear future
as forward Light can Be
in la'kech
Universal assistent
baba D..Tanka, GCevanos, Camac muluc



  for more on SVE look: SVE For who?


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