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9 Solar Re-Evolution 1&2&3

9 Solar Re-Evolution 1&2&3



Dicologica explaination and combination with the flower of the Moon,
numbers and letters Are energy's,
Here we gonna travel with numbers,you years, you birthday,
you future and your past as One in the Present,
experience the NRG of the numbers the beauty within!!!

Nr 9 number 9 = the key that opens the planetery manifestation of the greater cycles.
1990 = 0 planetary manifestation, the infinity solar mobilization what we recieve magneticly
1991 = 1 recieving magneticly, the 99, so dobble 9 equals the Solar mobilization of the 9th dimension , dubble numbers re-present infinity what we receive magneticly.
'92 = 2 stabilization Lunar of the Solar mobilization of the 9th dimension
'93 = 3 activation electric
'94 = 4 defining the Self Existing
'95 = 5 empowering ,the overtone
'96 = 6 flowing ritmic
'97 = 7 merging,the channel or resonance
'98 = 8 harmony Galactic
'99 = 9 mobilization Solar infinity

2000 = 2 stabilization lunar of the planetery manifesting infinity
2 1 0 0
so 2000 becomes 10 =planetery manifestation infinity or 2th creation.
2001 = 11 we integrate spectral infinity
2002 = 12 we understand crystal clear infinity.
2003 = 13 we live cosmic infinity.

As for many the millenium is a new start, this will happen!!
So Now and Here, I say WE =**Will Energy or the daykeepers or aware evolutionair beings.
And I say also THEY = **Top High Energy Yoni ,the unconscious natural flow that become Aware.

2000 is the new start ,the 2th creation ,the Re-Evolution!
So 2001 they receive magneticly (1),what we integrate spectral (11)
2002 they stabillize lunar (2),what we understand crystal clear (12)
2003 they activate electric (3) what we live cosmic (13)
2004 they define the self-existing (4) of what we receive magneticly (1)
2005 they empower the overtone (5) of what we stabillize lunar (2)
2006 they flow the ritme (6) of what we activate electric (3)
2007 they merge the channeling resonance (7) what we define the self-existing from (4)
2008 they harmonize galactic (8) what we empower overtone (5)
2009 they mobilize solar (9) what we flow ritmicly (6)
2010 they will manifest planetery (10) what we channel (7)
2011 they will integrate spectral (11) what we harmonize galactic (8)
2012 they will understand crystal clear (12) what we mobilize solar (9)
2013 everyOne will live Cosmicly (13)that is what we manifest planetary(10) or 2000

this wonna say that infact 2000 is where the 2th creation manifest planetary, that we will have to integrate spectral,to understand crystal clear, so we All can live it Cosmic !!!
Ready for the new cycle.

Solar Evolution Vol.2
Soul or Solar Evolution Update.

What I wrote before, Volume 1 in 1998, was one of the first and the most important Subject for
the new Millenium, see website,
Now updated, what happen in this 4-5 years of Re-Evolution!
2002 we understand crystal clear (12)2012, the 2th Creation, that every
Human Being beamed out in 2000!!! 2003 we live it Cosmicaly, 2013!!!
His or Her wish of planetary manifestation or direction. On the Millenium,
the intention of direction was the highest, so from the Angelic realms
there was a picture taken of each individual that manifested or spoke his
intention of Directions.
This picture was your wish to evolve and how. This you integrate in 2001 or
11.9 what will Be known as 2001,
the spectral integration of the 9 or Solar Mobilization. In Vol1 I wrote,
2000 is 10.9,
2001 is 11.9 and 2002 is 12.9, about this crystal understanding, I want to
open Now!
What happen??? We went in NR 2 or 2000 a new Millenium, of see sitaram file NR 2
Stabilization Lunar or e-motion-al! The Second Creation is how you want it!!!
Now 2001= 1 receiving magnetic, 00 Infinity, of 2the stabilization.
2002 = 2 stabilization Lunar of 00 Infinity, the Lunar stabilization or 2th
The 2 Creation is a pure Natural evolution, the urge of Joy and Awareness!
So finishing the 0 and 1, or ON/OFF, or the computer is past,
this knowledge brings you on Nr 2, Natural Rotation 2 or 2012,
this is the Crystal understanding 2002! 2002= 2012
0-1 binary, computer or we learn to work out our Brain field.
2 Stabilizing Lunar Re-flexion or Light NRG
2 0 1 2 = new Cycle 2 00 2
The understanding will bring major shift in all frequencie levels around,
or 2013 we live Cosmic the New Change, that is happening VERRY SOON,
the 20% that had direction (2000) manifested will become the Ancesters,
and because every One survive the Change, the 80% lost Now will come back
as the children of the Ancesters that still lived with the technology we
have Now, and will disappear soon, the channel speak of 2003!!!
The Quetzalquotal or KUKULKAN is arrived finally on the planet 3moons ago,
this vessel of Transformation is accesable for All transformers of Live
This was the important update, I have to bring!
in lak�ech

written in the year 9KAN, Solar mobilizing Cosmic Seed, 12CHICCHAN
in the flower of the Shaman, on the Crystal understanding of the Celestrial

Solar Evolution 3
2004 the New Flower!!!
To learn how to live the New Cycle of 26.000years!!!
9 Solar mobilizing years show you perfect! How you want it??...
after 2012, because their it will Be permanent!!!
YOUR ideas Now that play the evolution Here!!!
Before I explains **Natural-Rotation 9 or nr 9 in Vol1!!!
I speak about 2000 becomes 2010!
So the new Flower of 2004 starts to flow, what we magnetic recieve of the planetary manifestation, stabilized lunar, 2004!
The galactic Harmony(8) or Infinity of the rhythmic (6) new flower, 8.6.2004, Conjunction Venus-Sun-Earth!!!
Its All a play of NRs and NRGs. But it becomes very intresting and clear!!!
8 june 2004 Venus Conjunction Earth-Sun, will Be 2012!!!
Confirmed already by the Mayas,Now Here confirmed again!!!
The 9 dimensional waves or Solar Evolution established!!!
All direct!!! One Love, One Time, One evolution!!!
This Time, 13:20, multi Dimensional Time ON!!!
Everything thats is not connected will have the urge to connect OR will fall off (dissapear)
Now is the time to manifest, the space till 2012,
full of your intentions and ideas for the good of All!!!
Their are other missions waiting!!!
in lakech
baba D..GCevanos,Camac Muluc




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