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3 SVE for who?

3 SVE for who?


SVE Sitaram Vision Education for young and old,

for all on the Way doing evolution on planet Earth!!

Its all about what we are (NRG),

what this planet and body have similar (NRG)

and what you came to do Here!

Totally missing now in education is 

the awareness of who we are?!!!


So early as possible, in a playful manner,

showing this wisdom, what we are!!

This fits in from 4 till 7 years, that is what I want to bring in!!

basically it is for all ages,

but when this wisdom will be discovered in their early youth,

it will make it much easier to make his/her choices,

its the time when a child needs and wants to know!

The older kids and parents will have naturally

a review of what they have Now!

But the most important is the young stars, 4 - 7 yrs., thats the goal!
Before the real school starts,  that definitly also need a sirius re-view

The right of each human being on this planet,

is the wisdom of what he or she re-presents, multi functioning!

and this is NOT political, NOT religious, NOT commercial

What they are, is NOT explained till Now on!!!! I wonder??

So a review of Human evolution starts with the education.

What we learn from our own education, is what we still don't know, what we are!!!

Putting this as a priority and starting with this wisdom from the beginning 4 till 7 year olds!!
SVE Sitaram Vision Education,
the Unity we all are, synchronized!!
Now in two levels, Low and High school,
4-5 and 6-7 year wisdom of what we are
and how we function in it...under---standing,
the flow we all go!!

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