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11 U-Banjar

11 U-Banjar


U Banjar System
The 3rd and last chance to have a Harmonic system for Humanity!!!

The Bali Adath or BANJAR system for planet Earth!
The BANJAR is the person that takes care for his worlds,
Minerals-Plants-Animals and Human Kingdoms locally.
That Everyone or Everything can live and let live, a perfect Galactic Harmony for All!!!
The Consular, not political, not religious, not commercial, the BANJAR!
In the Now & Here is the same as the druid, the shaman or the wizard.
The wisdom resonating of the Multi-Dimension Worlds.
The political system that falls away...(soon)
will Be re-placed by the BANJARS!!
The Light passport of the Lords of Time proves you have the knowledge,
of totality what you are (Banjar)
Re-Presenting Here as Multi-Dimensional
in the **Direct-Natural-Ambition or DNA
and that makes Him or Her the BANJAR where you are born,
wherever you are Now!!!
BANJAR explanation in Dicologica BAN Bell-Ambition-Natural ;
BAN from your country's systems, because you dont want to support this!
JAR Joker-Ambition-Rotation The bell or resonance ambition natural,
joker of All ambition rotation!
This resonates only at the place where you are born
and let it Be the example for All!!

The 3rd and last chance,
to have a Galactic Harmonizing system for Humanity planet Earth!
It is the last chance for Humanity to synchronize on the Galactic Octaves!!
This is NOW&HERE!!!
Let's see what was before,
the Universal wish to synchronize Human to their true Being,
a multi-dimensional funny joyful Being,
re-presenting All Worlds as well as merging them,
live and let live!
HUMAN =** High-Universal-Model-Ambition-Natural.
This ambition natural is the combination of the Gaia-body,
all Mineral-Plant-Animal-Star and planet Kingdoms existing,
that is what the Human-vehicle Re-present,
the Sun(re) pre-sent,
what we All visiting as Light Beings,
living our Soul or Solar evolution in!

The third and last chance...
of the Universal Re-Quest for Synchronicity,
because we All Here,
Now with the re-membering of what we are .
We need to understand this strong pulse
of Evolution and find Aquarius in the high NRG of Uranus,
the twin planet of Neptune,
Aquarius in his home sign Uranus that is NOW from 1996-2004.
The last time was 1912-1920 and see what happens,
in that High NRG of Uranus at that time.
The first tryout of synchronization started
in Russia and felt in abuse,
in the metal-mental-fields Stalin, Lenin...
The second one was in the full psychedelic era,
Nepal where there is a similar banjar system as Bali.
This was directly condemned by America as communism!
Now we have the 3rd and last,
Bali Adath system,
a symbolic sample for the planet,
from beginning 2001.
The extra dimension that comes in is telepathic,
and that why I raised and prepared UNU,
**Universal-Natural-Universal where everyone is connected,
if you like it or not,
YOU ARE connected.




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