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11 U-Banjar

10 Planetary Manifestation vol.1


Planetary Manifestation vol. 1 is Solar evolution vol. 5 (2013)

Is finished the Solar evolution, we passed the nr 9,
the non physical stages and the receiving magnetic, 1...!!!
Since 2000 we already in the new planetary manifestation, the physical!
Nr 2, stabilizing this new change or 2000, trinity stabilization,
we didt the 13 first steps till 2013 Cosmic Living it!!
And their start again a new turn, unfolding Seven Hidden NRG's 2014

See the 7 hidden  NRG numbers of the Mayan Moon Flower

2014 or  NR 14     Individualist -purpose, defining the self-existing of the planetary manifestation or the infinity merging channel.
2015 or NR 15      Re-evolution, the empowering overtone of the planetary manifestation.
2016 or NR 16      Here - future, the rhythmic flow of the planetary manifestation or the infinity Galactic harmony
2017 or NR 17      Re-birth cell, the merging channel of the planetary manifestation.
2018 or NR 18      Light-healer, Galactic harmony of the planetary manifestation or infinity solar mobilization
2019 or NR 19      Light-master, .the solar mobilization of the planetary manifestation.
2020 or NR 20      Fertility-Infinity, the Infinity planetary manifestation or a stabilized lunar manifestation of Fertility & Infinity.

Planetary Manifestation vol 1

13 20 Lightflower combinations 13:20


Garden of Existens, a story of Totality,
perfection shining, as forward Light can Be!!
Enjoy the beauty within beaming out!!
its still written very basic!

20 Solar Lightflowers


lightflower 1 Imix


The Sea dragon initiator of Changes,
the new beginning!


Action of Being and what you do Here. Start with GAP Galactic-Activation-Portal
Receiving magnetic the Dragon HunImix to stabilise e-motionaly the spirit of Wind CaIk to activate electric the intuition of the Night OxAkbal to define the self existing fertility of the Cosmic Seed CanKan to flower the Celestial Snake action of life NRG HoChicchan to flow the rhythm of the Worldbridger UacCimi, to merge the channel of the resonating Healing Hand UcManik to harmonise galactic the fertility of the Venus Star VaxacLamat to mobilise solar the Changing Moon BolonMuluc so we manifest planetary the loyal Dog LahunOc, to integrate spectral in the illusion of the monkey HunlahunChuen to crystal understand the fertility of the Human heart CalahunEb to live Cosmic Skywalker action of Light! OxlahunBen!!




Lightflower 2 Ix


The Shaman, wizard, magician, jaguar wisdom!
Wisdom of Being Here.


Receiving magnetic the Shamans wisdom HunIx to stabilise the vision lunar with eagle eyes CaMen, to activate electric the fertility of Truth OxCib, the Cosmic Warrior, to define the self-existing action of navigation on Earth CanCaban, to flower the reflection of the Higher self; the mirror HoEtznab, to the rhythm flow of the Thunder UacCauac, to merge portal the channel of the universal fire UcAhau Sun, to the Galactic harmony of the Dragon VaxacImix to mobilise solar the changing wisdom of the Wind portal solarwind BolonIk, to manifest planetary the intuition of the Night LahunAkbal, to integrate spectral in the Cosmic Seed HunlahunKan, to understand crystal clear the Snake CalahunChicchan, to live Cosmic the wisdom of Death, the Worldbridger OxlahunCimi!!!




Lightflower 3 Manik


The Healing Hand, innovator, solution
Re-acting, re-vieuw, Art for Being!
Receiving magnetic the Healing Hand HunManik to live cosmic the thunder Being!! To stabilise the Venus Star lunar CaLamat, to activate electric the action of the changing Mood OxMuluc, to define the self existing of the Unconditional loyal Dog CanOc, to flower the monkey day HoChuen, to flow the rhythm of the Human heart UacEb, to Be resonant as Skywalker channeling UcBen, to harmonize galactic the Wizard VaxacIx, to mobilize solar the Eagle vision BolonMen, to manifest planetary the Cosmic Warrior LahunCib, the fertile truth, to spectral integrate in the navigation of Earth HunlahunCaban, to Crystal understand the Image of self the Mirror CalahunEtznab so we live Portal cosmic the Thunder Being we all live OxlahunCauac




Lightflower 4 Ahau


The Solar Lord, Idealist, Universal Fire
Fertility definition, shine and smile!!!
Receiving magnetic the Solar Lord HunAhau to live cosmic the Human!! To stabilise lunar the Dragon Being CaImix, to activate electric the changing Wisdom or the Wind OxIk, to define portal, the self existing of the power of Darkness, the Night CanAkbal, to flower the fertility of the Cosmic Seed HoKan, to flow the rhythm of the Celestial Snake UacChicchan, to Be resonant as the Worldbridger UcCimi, death channelling, to harmonise galactic the Healing Hand solutions VaxacManik,
to mobilise solar the confrontation of BolonLamat the Venus Star art, to manifest planetary the changing Mood LahunMuluc, portal to spectral integrate in the Unconditional Love HunlahunOc the smile, to Crystal understand portal the illusion or Monkey business CalahunChuen so we can live cosmic the Human OxlahunEb!!!






Lightflower 5 Ben
Skywalker; pillars of Light,
Action of Light, conqueror live!
Receiving magnetic the action of Light HunBen, to stabilise the wisdom of the Shaman, CaIx to activate the vision of the Eagle electric OxMen, to define the Cosmic Warrior self existing CanCib, to flower the action of navigation of Earth HoCaban, to flow portal the rhythm of the mirror reflecting UacEtznab, the resonance of the Storm UcCauac, to harmonise galactic the solar lord universal fire VaxacAhau, to mobilise solar the Dragon BolonImix, to manifest planetary the Wind LahunIk, to integrate spectral in the intuitive Night HunlahunAkbal, to understand portal crystal clear the fertility of the multi dimensional Worlds CalahunKan, so we can live Cosmic the Celestial Snake...Kukulkan OxlahunChicchan!!


Lightflower 6 Cimi


Death Wisdom, Worldbridger, bridge between the Worlds!
Wisdom Bridging solutions in Worlds


Receiving magnetic the Worldbridger HunCimi, to stabilise with a lunar-hand CaManik, to activate electric the Venus Star OxLamat, to define portal,the self existing Changing action of the moon CanMuluc, to flower the wisdom of the Dog overtone love HoOc, flowing the rhythm of the monkey play UacChuen, to resonate the channel from the Human heart UcEb portal, to harmonise galactic the action of Light VaxacBen, to mobilise solar the Wizard wisdom BolonIx, manifesting true the Eagle planetary LahunMen, to integrate spectral in the Cosmic Warrior HunlahunCib, to understand portal crystal clear the action navigation on Earth CalahunCaban, so we live cosmic the Mirror or higher self image OxlahunEtznab!!




Lightflower 7 Cauac


Thunder Being, Re-Generation, Art!


Re-Acting the Art of living cosmic the illusion
Receiving magnetic the blue Thunder Being HunCauac, to stabilise the Sun lunar CaAhau, to activate base frequency of the Dragon electric OxImix, to define the self existing Wind CanIk, flowering dreams in the Night HoAkbal, to flow the rhythm of the Cosmic Seed UacKan, to channel the Snake portal merging resonance UcChicchan, to World bridging the galactic harmony VaxacCimi, to mobilise solar the Healing Hand, BolonManik to manifest portal planetary the Venus Star LahunLamat, to spectral integration of the Changing Moon HunlahunMuluc, to understand crystal clear the unconditional love of the Dog CalahunOc, to live Cosmic the Monkey OxlahunChuen!!


Lightflower 8 Eb


Human heart, Humanity,
Fertility Being, Global Awareness


receiving magnetic the Human HunEb to stabilise lunar Skywalker portal action CaBen, to activate electric the wisdom of the Shaman OxIk, to define the self existing of the Eagle vision CanMen, to flower portal the Cosmic Warrior fertility Truth HoCib, to flow the rhythm of the navigation of Earth, UacCaban to merge the resonant mirror UcEtznab, to harmonise galactic the thunder Being VaxacCauac, to mobilise solar the Sun BolonAhau, to manifest planetary the Dragon, LahunImix so integration spectral of the changing Wind HunlahunIk, to understand crystal clear the intuitive Night CalahunAkbal, so live Cosmic the fertility of the multi dimensional Worlds the Cosmic Seed OxlahunKan!




Lightflower 9 Chicchan


Celestial Snake, Commitment, life NRG


action of survival, Being it!
Receiving magnetic the Celestial Snake HunChicchan, followed by 10 Portal days!
to stabilise Lunar the Worldbridger wisdom
CaCimi, to activate electric the Healing Hand OxManik, to define the self existing of the Venus Star CanLamat, to flower the changing Moon HoMuluc, to flow the loyal Dog rhythm UacOc, to merging the channel of the monkey resonance UcChuen, to harmonise galactic the Human heart VaxacEb, to mobilise solar the action of Light BolonBen, to manifest planetary the wisdom of the Shaman LahunIx, to integrate spectral the Eagle vision HunlahunMen, to understand crystal clear the Cosmic Warriors truth CalahunCib, to live cosmic the Navigation of Earth OxlahunCaban!!


Lightflower 10 Etznab


The Mirror, infinity,reflecting


Wisdom of Self Image, Being!
Receiving magnetic the Mirror is the Infinity flow HunEtznab, to stabilise lunar the Thunder Being CaCauac, to activate electric the Sun OxAhau, to define the self existing Dragon CanImix, to flower the Winds change HoIk, to flow the rhythm of the intuition of the Night UacAkbal, to merge the channel of the Cosmic Seed UcKan, to harmonise galactic the celestial Snake VaxacChicchan, to mobilise solar the Worldbridger BolonCimi, to manifesting planetary the Healing Hand LahunManik, to integrate spectral the Venus Star HunlahunLamat, to understand crystal clear the changing Mood Calahunmuluc, so to live cosmic the Loyal Dog OxlahunOc!!


Lightflower 11 Chuen


The illussion Monkey play!
Re-actional hope
receiving magnetic the power of Illussion HunChuen, to stabilise lunar the Human heart CaEb, to activate electric the action of Light OxBen, to define the self existing Wizard, CanIx to flower the eagle vision HoMen, to flow the rhythm of the Cosmic Warriors truth UacCib; to merge the channel of Earth actions UcCaban, to harmonise galactic the mirror reflections, to mobilise solar the Thunder BolonCauac, to manifest planetary the Sun ideals LahunAhau, to integrate spectral in the Dragons Being HunlahunImix, to understand crystal clear the Wind CalahunIk, to live cosmic the intuitive Night OxlahunAkbal!!




Lightflower 12 Kan


Cosmic Seed, fertility of the multi dimensional Worlds
fertile wisdom, influence,


receiving magnetic the Cosmic Seed HunKan, to stabilise lunar the Celestial Snake CaChicchan, entering 10 portal days!!! activate electric the Worldbridger wisdom OxCimi, to define the self existing healing Hand, CanManik, flower the Venus Star HoLamat, to flow the changing Moon, UacMuluc to merge the channelling Dog UcOc, to harmonise galactic the monkey illusion VaxacChuen, to solar mobilise the Human heart BolonEb, to manifest planetary the Pillars of Light LahunBen, to integrate spectral the wisdom of the Shaman HunlaunIx, to understand crystal clear the Eagle CalahunMen, to live cosmic the Cosmic Warrior OxlahunCib




Lightflower 13 Caban


Navigation of Earth, action of the Dreamer
receiving magnetic the Earth action HunCaban, to stabilise lunar the mirror CaEtxnab, to activate the Thunder OxCauac, to define the Solar lord CanAhau, flowering the dragon HoImix, flowing the rhythm of the changing wind UacIk, to merge the Night UcAkbal, to harmonise galactic the Cosmic seed VaxacKan, to mobilise solar portal the celestial Snake BolonChicchan, to manifest planetary the Worldbridger LahunCimi, to integrate spectral in the Healing Hand HunlahunManik, to understand crystal clear portal the Venus Star CalahunLamat, so we can live cosmic the action of the Changing Moon! OxlahunMuluc




Lightflower 14 OC


Loyal Dog, the wisdom of unconditional love, Loyalty.
Receiving magnetic the loyal HeartHunOc, to stabilise lunar the Monkey illusion CaChuen, to activate electric the Human heart OxEb, to define skywalker portal action of light CanBen, to flower the Shamans wisdom HoIx, to flow the rhythm of the eagles vision UacMen, to resonate the channel of the cosmic Warrior UcCib portal, to harmonise galactic the Earth navigation VaxacCaban, to mobilise solar the self image or mirror BolonEtznab, to manifest planetary the thunder being LahunCauac, to integrate spectral in the solar lords fertility HunlahunAhau, to understand crystal the Dragon tail CalahunImix, to live cosmic the spirit of wind OxlahunIk




Lightflower 15 AKBAL


The Night, power of darkness, Abundance


receiving magnetic the night, dreams and intuition HunAkbal, to stabilise portal lunar the cosmic Seed CaKan, to activate electric the celestial snake OxChicchan, to define the self existing of the Worldbridger CanCimi, to flower the Healing hand HoManik, to flow the rhythm of the Venus Star UacLamat, resonate portal the channel of the changing Mood UcMuluc, to harmonise galactic the loyal dog VaxacOc, to mobilise solar the monkey busyness BolonChuen, to manifest planetary portal the fertility of the human heart LahunEb, integrate spectral in the Light Skywalker HunlahunBen, to understand crystal clear the Shaman CalahunIx, to live cosmic the power of Vision, the eagle OxlahunMen




Lightflower 16 CIB


The Cosmic Warrior, the TRUTH, Intelligence


receiving magnetic the Cosmic Warrior HunCib, the truth, to stabilise Portal Day lunar, the navigation on Earth, CaCaban, to activate electric the higher image of self OxEtznab,to define the self existing of the Thunderbeing CanCauac, so you flower the Solar Lord HoAhau, to flow the rhythm of the dragon UacImix, channel the resonance of the changing Wind UcIk, to harmonise galactic your dreams of the nights intuition VaxacAkbal Portal, to realise solar mobilisation the fertility of the multi dimensional seed, BolonKan so you manifest planetary the live NRG of the Snake LahunChicchan, to integrate spectral in the Worldbridger HunlahunCimi, to understand crystal clear the healing Hand CalahunManik so you can live cosmic the elegance of the Venus Star OxlahunLamat




Lightflower 17 MULUC


The Changing MooN or MooD, the Compulsion


receiving magnetic,the Changing Moon HunMuluc, to stabilise lunar portal the unconditional Love, no expectations CaOc, for activating electric portal the illusion of the monkey OxChuen, so you can define the Human fertility of the heart CanEb, to flower the Light of Skywalker HoBen, flow the rhythm of the Shaman wisdom UacIx, merge the channel of the Vision resonance UcMen, to harmonise galactic the truth of the cosmic Warrior VaxacCib, to come in the realisation of the solar mobilisation, navigation action on Earth BolonCaban, than we manifest planetary portal our higher self image reflecting LahunEtznab, to integrating spectral in the Thunder being art HunlahunCauac, to crystal understand the fertility of the Solar Lord CalahunAhau, to live cosmic the initiation of the Dragon OxlahunImix!




Lightflower 18 IK


The Spirit of Wind, CHANGEABLE the changing Wisdom!!
Portal Day!!!Receiving magnetic the changing wisdom HunIK the Wind, Stabilizing the power of Darkness, dreams and intuitions, CaAkbal the Night, to activate electric the Seed OxKan, we all are, defining the self existing of the Celestial Serpent CanChicchan, to flower the overtone Worldbridger HoCimi, to flow rhythmic the Healing Hand UacManik, resonating the channel of the Venus Star elegance UcLamat, to harmonize Galactic the changing Mood VaxacMuluc, the Moon, to mobilize Solar the loyalty BolonOc the Dog, Manifesting the magic play, Monkey day LahunChuen, integrating spectral in the fertile Human HunlahunEb, to crystal understand the pillars of Light, Skywalker CalahunBen, to live cosmic the wisdom of the Shaman OxlahunIx




Lightflower 19 Men


The Eagle, the Vision, Knowing


receiving magnetic the Vision of the Eagle HunMen, the mind knowing, stabilise Truth lunar Warrior, CaCib, to activate electric the navigation of Earth OxCaban, to define the self existing of the higher image of self the mirror CanEtznab, so you flower the Thunder Being Portal we all are HoCauac, to flow the rhythm of the Sun, Universal Fire UacAhau, channel the portal resonance of the action of the Dragon UcImix, to harmonise galactic the changing wisdom VaxacIk Wind, to realise the solar mobilisation, dreams of the nights intuition, BolonAkbal, so you manifest planetary the fertility of the multi dimensional seed, LahunKan to integrate spectral in the Live NRG of the Snake HunlahunChicchan to understand crystal clear Death the Worldbridger CalahunCimi so you can live cosmic the Innovation, the re-action-al Healing Hand, OxlahunManik


Lightflower 20 Lamat


The Venus Star, CONFRONTATION, Art-Elegancy


receiving magnetic the Venus Star fertility HunLamat, to stabilise lunar the changing Mood CaMuluc, to activate electric the unconditional Smile of the Dog OxOc, to define the self existing of the Monkey business CanChuen, so you flower the Human heart fertility HoEb to flow the rhythm of Light, Skywalker UacBen, channeling the resonance of the Shaman wisdom Uc Ix, to harmonise galactic your visions with a Eagle eye VaxacMen, to realise solar mobilisation the fertility of the Truth, the Warrior BolonCib so you manifest planetary the navigation on Earth LahunCaban, to integrate spectral in the Higher Self, Mirror HunlahunEtznab, to understand crystal clear the Thunder Being we all are!! CalahunCauac so you can live cosmic Portal the fertility of the Universal Fire or Light OxlahunAhau

4 Flower Power 4D



The explanation from the Power Flower,
understanding clearly what and how a 4 Dimensional shift is,
Each cycle is a 90 degree dimensional shift!

Not One is more or less and all have a function
and doing it, or no flower that’s the Power!

Is the only
formula of NRG we are and everything works!!!
Also the Time frequency!

The Power Flower clearness comes with a flower,
a Lightflower or Moon(d) flower!
13 Moon tones that the Mayas left behind for us to figure out
and to Under-Stand(12) tone 12,
to live it Cosmic 13 ( December 2012!!!

Starting with a Dimensional Shift,
we receive magnetic, stabilize it lunar,
activate it electric,  defining Self Existence,
 then the second dimensional shift takes place,
is made by flowering or overtone!
Then we flow the rhythm, merging the resonance,
to harmonize Galactic, to the 3rd shift we mobilize Solar,
till physical manifestation Planetary,
integrating Spectral to Crystal Under-stand,
so we can live it Cosmic!!!
the 4th 90 degree dimensional shift!
So 1 and 4 is the same!!!
Both are what we receive magnetic!!

in lak'ech
NB; the 13 SitaRam Moon symbols speaking for themselves,
was created for deeper understand of spiraling NRG by baba D..!!

1 Power Flower Syncro 1


13 Files from SVE subject Syncro 1, 
This is the Tone Lightflower Syncro 1,
the 13 steps in a new but very old Star-Consciousness!!
A natural flow, Power Flower

the initiation level for Education, the New Beginning!!!

We want to bring it in every school on this planet,
1hour a week subject SYNCRO

Lets open it now all together,
work in progress so please be critical, it's for basic education,
open up, thats what syncro is for,
DIRECT, re-view NOW,
start from the Magnetic tone 1......
We receive(1) magnetic where we come from....                                                   1 
Where we come from??
so we stabilizing Lunar(2) the dissision what we receive(1) Magnetically!             2 Where you going?? Purposes!!
to activate electric(3) The choozen direction, and transport mission Earth!!!          3 Vehicle choice!
So we Can define(4) the self existence,  How it really works!!                              4 The connection
Flowering(5) the crystal clear clarity, of what we driving!                                     5 What are we?
Flowing the rhythm(6) of the cycles,                                                                    6 The Clarity
Resonate(7) the clarity reflecting,                                                                          7 Totality we all Are!
Harmonize Galactic(8) the possibilities,                                                                 8 Structure
to mobilize Solar(9), the beauty within,                                                                 9 Realisation
Manifesting Planetary(10) the perfection from the mission,                                  10 Mission
Integrating Spectral(11), what we doing, opening more possibilities,                  11 How?
Understanding Crystal(12) clear the mission and challenges,                               12 The Flow
to Live Cosmically(13) myself tuning up, always ready for the New!!                 13 Mission completed, 
                                                                                                                                  ready to go back to base!!



1 Cosmic Pot of Joy

2 Temple of Light

3 The Galactic Car

4 The Way

5 The Crystal Pyramid

6 What is 13:20 Time??

7 Tzolkin 13:20

8 Dicologica

9 Lightflowers

10 DayKeepers

11 What is Sitaram??

12 Nr 2 explanation

13 SV re-program

3 SVE for who?


SVE Sitaram Vision Education for young and old,

for all on the Way doing evolution on planet Earth!!

Its all about what we are (NRG),

what this planet and body have similar (NRG)

and what you came to do Here!

Totally missing now in education is 

the awareness of who we are?!!!


So early as possible, in a playful manner,

showing this wisdom, what we are!!

This fits in from 4 till 7 years, that is what I want to bring in!!

basically it is for all ages,

but when this wisdom will be discovered in their early youth,

it will make it much easier to make his/her choices,

its the time when a child needs and wants to know!

The older kids and parents will have naturally

a review of what they have Now!

But the most important is the young stars, 4 - 7 yrs., thats the goal!
Before the real school starts,  that definitly also need a sirius re-view

The right of each human being on this planet,

is the wisdom of what he or she re-presents, multi functioning!

and this is NOT political, NOT religious, NOT commercial

What they are, is NOT explained till Now on!!!! I wonder??

So a review of Human evolution starts with the education.

What we learn from our own education, is what we still don't know, what we are!!!

Putting this as a priority and starting with this wisdom from the beginning 4 till 7 year olds!!
SVE Sitaram Vision Education,
the Unity we all are, synchronized!!
Now in two levels, Low and High school,
4-5 and 6-7 year wisdom of what we are
and how we function in it...under---standing,
the flow we all go!!

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