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Djwal Khul versus baba D..

Djwal Khul versus baba D..


The truth beyond Sitaram Vision, came from higher sources,
channels of wisdom since 1998, streaming in...
Power flower, Dicologica, SitaRam!!
All channeled by Djwal Khul true baba D.. alias DJ Willems.

As it was HP Blavatsky in the 1890thies and AA Bailey in the 1950thies,
so I get the info crystal clear end of the nineties of symbols and order,
all energetic, like letters and numbers are energy!
For the letters Dicologica came out, never changed a word since!!!
Numbers came in symbols and with the golden rule of power flower...
not one is more or less or no flower! Every step as a function or no flower!!
Very simple, so Sitaram Vision was created on this bases,
and now 2014 all explained in this power flower structure!!
AHO Djwal Khul, master of pure wisdom,
to bring the understanding for the new generation education!!
Sitaram Vision Education!! SVE

Sitaram Vision is a little bit same as HP Blavatsky Ocean!!
So that means Sitaram Vision is a part of the Theosophical Society!!!??
Good thing is that i am still alive!!! And can answer your direct questions!!!


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