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SV went Kumba Melha

SV went Kumba Melha


SV went Kumba Melha in Haridwar 2010

After Goa, initiating 13:20 to the kids, family and markets, it was time for me to go Kumba Melha!
The big Kumbamela is every 12 years in Haridwar, the biggest gathering in the World of Holy people coming together, + all Indians that want to take a holy Bath in Mother Ganga, 5 till 13 million daily!!!!!
Big mission, how to initiate 13:20 in India, yogis, sannyasins, gurus, the Hindu intelligence
Try to find my Baba there, in time for the second Holy Bath, 15 march, than 3 days search for Maharhashi Brahmpuri from Jaiselmer!!! Nothing! So i decided to go all the way Jaiselmer and get baba Here!! Because in 1998 I was in Jaiselmer and we said we will go together to the Kumba in 12 years!! Thats Now, 2010! So arrived in baba’s temple in Radjastan, they told me he was @ the Kumba!!.....??? But wait here he will come in 6 days to do the ceremony of Samadhi MadanLal. But Jaiselmer 45degrees, no way i wait, so went back to Haridwar, this time with good directions... Sannyasin Road, the Atala Cala, Sakrasharia. I find straight away baba their in the oldest Yogi syndicate in India, the ATALA CALA!!!
Ruled by old Yogi Guru Raj Giri and his executer is my baba Brahmpuri!!! As chela of my baba, sitting always with him and the older Guru Sannyasin Yogis on the red mat, dealing with the daily receiving’s of all kinds of intelligence, the level was always high!!! Sitting there in the highest levels of evolution and solutions, gurus and masters from everywhere! All full orange, only my baba wear also red, and me everyday change colours. They appreciated that i wear only my own made clothes and that i changed with the 4 directions! I was as 1 of them, good connections and the perfect time!
Start to explain 13:20 Time as multi dimensional time, nonstop, initiated 25 Sannyasin Guru Yogis in their Kin and give them theirs in silver, their Moon and Sun Signs, what they all proudly wearing now!! Perfect update for the Hindu Worlds! It was risky to go there and open this Power Flower, they could reject me, but instead they invite me and SVT to come next Kumba in Allahabad with 50 people!!! ...?? So January 2013, 1 month Kumba Mela, we will have a space for our own Tribe (SVT) Intelligence-Yogis-Fire-Theatre and all kinds of Arts.....50 people + 6 cooks.
That moment i decided to organize 21-12-2012 in Bhunaswar Rajasthan, where we played the Total Solar eclipse 1995, deserted village on a Hanuman Temple!! With 2 differant monkeys, white and black faced!! And than time to do the Kumba Mela preparations!
So after that mind blowing offer and wicked vision, i knew my mission was a success!
Staying there inside the Atala Akala, eating, bathing, sleeping, travelling, smoking, doing ceremonies, learning yoga, as 1 for more than a moon together! As only Hindu Bali representative, and non Indian,
i was guest of honour with my Moon Flower Power explications, more gurus came to visit me and very curious, especially for the education for the children!! Many became good friends, some have 30 temples to fill and run, they offered me wherever i want to open educational communities!!

I learned alot about the real Sannyasin ways and orders.
The Dasnam (Tree) there are about 1.500.000 Saddhu Sannyasins divided in Akalas
7 Saddhu Akalas, 6 Naga, in 4 base Akalas!
Atala; divided with Mahamervani
Awahan; divided with Nerangiri and Niranjani
Annan; the biggest with Juna Akala and 1.000.000 Nagas
Agni; are the Brahmas


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